Monday, September 17, 2007

Birthday Card Blog Candy

This is just to let you know that my little blog candy bit of fun will close at 12 noon UK time today.

I've stayed away for the blog as long as I can manage (and phew! I see some cards were left for me so I'm off to have a look now) If you made one to the recipe you'll be in my draw and one of you lovely people will win a prize.

Thanks so much for playing :-}

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Rainowgirl said...

So where you might ask were my flowers, ribbons and papers. Not there. Why you might ask. Because once again I didn't read the recipe (retirement has gone to my head since I didn't read the DCM instructions properly either!!!) But you deserve to have cards and not just to meet challenges, so just enjoy the cards with or without recipes.

(BTW - what's up with Blogger. Half my instructions are in German, eg when I post or leave comments. I've contacted them but they haven't replied so wonder if this is happening to everyone :-0