Thursday, September 13, 2007

Alpha's Birthday

Something I'd wanted to do for years, and finally got involved with a couple of years ago was child sponsorship. It's such a good idea as our sponsor money doesn't just help the child, but also their family and their whole community.
We sponsor Alpha who lives in Senegal through World Vision - we pay a small sum by direct debit each month and it's just such a worthwhile thing to do. It's wonderful to get letters and pictures from him and it always makes us smile when we get a photo, I suspect he's not keen on having his photo taken, he always looks as if he's there under suffrance and the only way they got him to stand in front of the camera was to let him hold his football as in every photo the football is there.

Anyway, his birthday is coming up and he'll be 11, and as he's football mad I thought I'd use one of Leo's fab free Crafty Templates to make his card.
The fold is on the top, so it looks really effective when it's standing up. I googled info on the Senegal National Football shirts - though I used a lot of creative license with the design I must admit! I also found their badge, which I printed out to stick on the shirt, then cut the letters for Alpha's name out on the Robo.
It's not a complicated card, just colouring in really, but I hope he'll like it.

If you're interested in Child Sponsorship have a look here I'd encourage anyone to do it, the greatest thing is that you're giving real help to a needy child and his community, but you get SUCH a lot out of it yourself, too.


Leigh said...

aww thats lovely Kathy, I'll bet it brings a huge smile to his face.

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Wow! That card is FAB Kathy. He's going to love it!

Leo said...

He's going to love it! :-D

Louly said...

What a thoughtful lady you are. Alpha is going to love it.

Anonymous said...


another helpful idea for one so useless at crafting as I am clearly am! Would not know where to start!