Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sun, Rain, Sun, Rain, Sun

Phew! that was close.

Just got back from taking Anne's blog candy package up to the post box in time - now it's absolutely throwing down - "coming down in stair-rods" as my grandma would have said. "Stotting off the road" would be another apt description - which will probably only make sense if you are familiar with the Northumbrian dialect....
Funny thing is. I took these photographs of one of the trees in our garden just this morning because it looked so beautiful against the bright blue sky. By the time I'd finished typing this post I had to come back and edit to say, the sun is shining again now!

We had quite a busy weekend.
On Saturday we went out to do a bit of shopping - we bought hundreds of Spring bulbs as there doesn't seem to be a single daffodil in this garden, I'm just hoping that this isn't because the squirrels dig them all up as I won't be happy - it's going to take hours to plant them all (incidentally for all you pink loving gardeners out there - I saw some pink garden tools in the garden centre on we went to on Sunday) we also bought a passion flower for the pergola and one of those garden vac things, mainly to clear up all the leaves that the above tree flings down on the grass! It was a lovely day so we had lunch out on the patio then gave the garden vac a work out - oh the garden looked lovely when we'd finished - got up Sunday morning and it was covered with leaves again...........
We had MIL staying over the w/e and on Sunday we went here for lunch, currently one of our favourite lunch-spots. It was really busy and we sat out in the warm sunshine - at that wooden table you can see on the photo, actually! After lunch we did the trad thing of going to a garden centre, managed to use some cunning and suggest the one near Huntingdon which has a Craft Central inside it. Didn't buy much - a couple of paper pads and another square punch to add to my collection.

Anyway, I thought I'd add a few little sneak peek pics of things that I've been doing over the last few days.
This is a very skinny peek at what's on it's way to Anne. I hope she likes it.

And two more little photos, just to be going on with


Paula said...

We are having it a bit like that here. Step out the door in brilliant sunshine & get soaked before you get to the end of the street!! April showers in September.

Like the sneaky peaks, you naughty tease Miss Kathy!!

Susan (Sue H) said...

Ooooo those chocolate brownie things look yummy........I'll be round for tea.
(that's if you wern't an hour and a halfs drive away)

Angelnorth said...

Not sure those are going to go in an enveloped very easily, m'dear ;o)

Hope Anne's enjoying her blog candy, looks like fun!