Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chasing my Tail

Funny how a couple of days away and you spend the next fortnight trying to catch up eh? My "to do" list has grown like a weed yet again (at least as fast as the weeds in my garden grow) and I have masses to do and not much mojo to help me out. I will get round to sharing some of the photos of our weekend aaway, and maybe even get some photos of some of the gorgeous cards that came through the letterbox for my birthday. I was so lucky, loads of cards and presents, some beautiful crafty makes (Sharon - if you're reading this, your wonderfully thoughtful gift made my chin wobble and brought tears to my eyes - I'll be in touch asap.....)

Then of course I was good and didn't come and check the blog after I'd issued my little bit of a birthday fun challenge, so when Monday came around and I couldn't wait any longer I had just the best fun checking all your links to the fabby cards you made for me! Must admit I wondered if I'd be left with egg on my face and no cards to look at - but I should have known better!
You were just great so a huge THANK YOU to all who joined in,
you really made my birthday feel so special and it was fun to share all those cards with everyone too!
I've just written all the names of those who made a card,
chopped them up and put them in a box
shook them about a bit
and pulled out a winner:
ANNE, it's YOU!

Now, Anne, I haven't a clue what your prize will be, but I promise to think of something - can you email me (contact button is in the sidebar) with your info and I'll have something on it's way to you as soon as poss.

Met Sue for coffee and gossip this morning. She was supposed to be helping me with a task but she bottled out when she heard what it was, and kept up the chatter long enough for her to get out of it so I had to go on my own.....friends, eh?

Now what else was there? Oh yes - it's DCM Little Extra Day and this week it's a word challenge, just one word which we hope will inspire your cardmaking in lots of different ways. The word is GOLDEN and there are some cards on the DCM blog to help get you thinking.
Here's mine - made in a bit of a hurry so probably would have been a bit different if I'd had the time to think it through - or actually got round to starting it sooner, which is more the truth - one day I'll learn to be more organised and disciplined.....one day...maybe....
Vellum is by Pixie Press
The mirror card "50th" and the golden glittery frame were cut with the Craft Robo
I wrote "Anniversary" with a gold pen - I was going to make a tag but writing was quicker :-)
Blooms from a local garden centre, Brads form stash
ooooh, maybe I should have added a bit of ribbon too.......hmmmm
Well, anyway, I'm sure you'll do something more inspired than this so I can't wait to see what Golden Crafty Moments you come up with - hopefully you can help me get my mojo back, because it's run off again :-(


Paula said...

Glad you had a great day.
Love the card. Nice & bright. I did a 50th last week (& a 25th) but felt that might be cheating a bit!!!

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Glad you had lots of lovely peeps thinking of you on your special day Kathy.

Great card. Isn't your handwriting neat?

Deb said...

Happy birthday! I think your card is fabulous, very impressed with your handwriting, I never like my writing but yours looks very professional!