Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WOYWW + a couple of cards

So, another Wednesday and another WOYW photo coming up soon. Or should that be a WOMWW?

First though, the cards I forgot to load here yesterday - (yet) another batch of turquoise/silver/white snowflake cards. I've plonked these together because I've not decided whether to add a greeting somehow - I thought if I looked at them on the screen it might help me decide. It's funny how doing that often helps me spot what's wrong/what needs moving, what needs adding etc, when I've looked at it irl for ages and been unable to decide.

I'm thinking they do need a message added to them, what about you?

Next another card using the most recent sketch on my Sketch File BLOG. This one is actually the first of the two I've done so far, but I needed to make sure it had arrived before I added it here. I've got another plan for using this sketch - well, it's half a plan really - more to follow if I can fighre out the other half of the plan!
Lovely MME papers (I know Kaz loves them too), a chippie scalloped frame with my own rub-ons added onto a piece of acetate which was left lying about after Lythan's DCM dare the other week, the other rub-ons are Doodlebug I think. I raised two of the square on foam pads and cut some of the flowers from one of the papers to decorate. The pink pearls are from the stash I bought on my birthday treat Crafty Day Out back in September.
I'd love to see more people having a go with the sketches on my other blog. I know there's loads of sketch challenges out there and you're spoiled for choice, but if you do get a minute, it would be fab to have you give them a try - it's not a challenge blog, and I'm notoriously bad at leaving long gaps between new sketches - but I will add a link to your card on there if you let me know where I can see it.

And now, it's Nosey-Time again. Is this the most fun you can have on a Wednesday? Possibly. It's definitely a great way to mooch around other people's craft spaces and see what they've got and what they are up to. Click HERE to find out all about it and find the links to all those brave souls participating this week (well, once Julia's updated her blog, that is!).

Not much crafting getting done on mine - though that IS a box of crafty goodies - still unopened - on the top. I'm not allowing myself to open either of these boxes until I've finished my assigned "task of the day" - gosh, aren't I good? hehehe

Last week one of the WOYWWers commented on the number of punches that were lying around my desk. So I counted them and found NINE. I put them away in the drawer, but I suspect they've all jumped out again, though I can only actually see two in the photo.
Right, procrastination break over. I want to open my parcels so I need to finish that task of mine.

Catch you all again soon.


Wipso said...

I think your turquoise cards speak for themselves and don't need wording. They are beautiful Kathy. A x

Rachel said...

Love the turquoise cards just as they are :-)

Your crafting space looks like mine! but I opened my new crafty purchase this morning :-)

Angelnorth said...

I think you should keep those cards with no wording - they look fab and I always find I want something that doesn't actually say "Merry Christmas" to send to Jewish friends or people who make a point of being non religious but still sort of do Christmas, IYSWIM!

Kaz said...

OOoooo Kathy, is that the new kit in one of those boxes??? Have you opened them yet??

Thank you for my card, it is even more gorgeous in the flesh and I am delighted to be the owner of one of your creations. I did notice you'd used some MME papers too.

Love the Chrissie cards, I'd leave them as is, sometimes you don't need the words too. xxx

Kath said...

I think they just right as they are as well,Kathy.Lovely cards.

kathj said...

love the cards and your desk

Susie Sugar said...

Hi Kathy Lovely cards darling (as always)
You are like me I normally leave my parcels until I have done all there is to do so I can play guilt free !! lol
I hope you were'nt upset with me commenting on your lovely array of punches last week (I should mind my own really shouldn't I!!lol) Anyway I can only find one on your desk this week the bright yellow one so the other one must be hiding from me !! lol
Love Susie xx

Gez said...

Great cards Kathy. Love the turquoise. :-) I'm wondering if it's the new BF kit too!

Yvonne said...

Oh and they are there still , i would have said , do that next , on to opening my goodies, you are good , lol

Janice said...

What a busy bee you've been. Imagine leaving those parcels :o Get them open girl!

Linda Elbourne said...

Your cards are fabulous and I want to open parcels too :0)

lisa said...

Hi Kathy
Just love those snowflake cards to bits. They are so professional. I would pay a lot of money in the posh shops for those!!!!
I'm so envious of your craft space and all those fabulous goodies. How can you ever leave boxes unopened for more than 10 seconds, I nearly meet the postman at the coner of the street when I see him coming with crafty goodies. Hope you enjoy them!


Lynda said...

Really loving the turquoise cards Kathy and Kaz's card is beautiful - lucky girl! You should have opened the boxes to let us have a sneaky peak.

Love Lynda xxx

tracy said...

love the cards as they are :)

it's a good job i work on wednesday,you'd be shocked at my desk at the mo LOL

Carmen said...

Oh what patience. I would have been opening them before I even shut the door on postie :D Hope they are open and being enjoyed this morning!

Mel X said...

Love the cards Kathy. I admire your patience too re the packages, I ALWAYS have to open mine immediatey, I can never wait, I'm like a kid on Christmas morning!!

Mel X

Julia Dunnit said...

Ahh Kathy I do that - task first, then reward! Your desk, even with parcels on, looks as inspiring as always..and your cards are proof - fab!

Jackie said...

Love the cards as always. I would leave the cards without a sentiment like the others say.

Kaz's card is lovely too.

I took photos of my work room on Wednesday but it was so much of a tip I didn't dare upload them!! :)