Saturday, October 03, 2009

Cyber Cropping

We're having a WCMD craftfest on Bubbly Funk Forum today. This is the second time we've done a "relaxed" version of a cyber crop and they are such fun. No real organisation except to announce the day it'll be on, there's no timetable, it's just a free-for-all; any classes, ideas, challenges etc are posted at any time over the day or weekend and you can choose which to do and when. Hopefully over the next few days there'll be lots of crafting to be seen as we work through the various projects. I found a couple of youtube video tutorials to post and made these examples using them. The first is a card that closes up like an envelope with the top flap tucking neatly into the folded square on the front The second project is a little pocket & tag book - the original version used those little wage slip envelopes all glued together to form the pages, then you make a series of tags to fit inside each envelope. I loved the idea but as I didn't actually have any of the little envelopes used on the video, I had to improvise and adapt the basic idea to make a "Kathy" version. This is what I ended up with
Finally for the moment, Kaz sent a sketch out earlier in the week (was that cheating, I wonder? lol) so at least I've already made something that wasn't for a project of my own! I made or at least finished all three of these yesterday and bearing in mind that I'm a very slow crafter I'm quite chuffed with this lot! If you are a member of Bubbly Funk forum I hope you'll pop in and join in the crafting today - if you're not, then why not join - it's free, friendly and it's fun!


Jackie said...

They are fab, I love the tag book :)

No you can't have my lace I am saving it LOL It's sat on my desk looking at me at the mo :)

Angelnorth said...

Fab stuff! Funnily enough there's a little book very like that in this month's Craft Stamps - complete with template for the little envelopes!

Lynda said...

These are great Kathy... you do make some wonderful little projects. My xmas tree nestie is on it's way lol. Thanks for the lovely comments you left me too - I'm really honoured to have been asked to join such a fab team.

Love Lynda xxx

Ruth (ooffee) said...

Just one word ... ... ... WOW!!!

Love the "envelope" card and the tag book is gorgeous!!!


Traceyr said...

Great haul there Kathy. I made a few bits which are on my blog but hope to do the tag book too in the near future.


Sue said...

That envelope type card is lovely Kathy.
Well done on getting such a lot done.
Sue x