Thursday, October 15, 2009

Joyful...and a box

For the Bubbly Scrumptious emag this week I've been doing variations on a theme.

I've used one of the word templates that are part of the October Bubbly Funk kit to make 3 cards, each similar, but slightly different. I converted the templates to cut with my Robo, and then tweaked it so that I could cut the individual letters as well as the joined up word. I made three cards because I could then cut the word JOY in three different papers and rearrange them to use a different paper for each letter on my cards.
I like the idea fo cutting a group of things at once then making a few cards instead of just one, it's much quicker than making each fron scratch, even if they do all turn out different in the end.

Also this week I've made a matching presentation box for the card I made for the emag last week
Incredibly, and probably for the first time ever, I made the box correctly first time. Usually I end up finding the two bits don't fit and have to make either the base or lid again.
Despite how it looks in the photo, the colour of the Lokta paper on the box does actually match the mauve of the papers on the card.

Please pop along to BUBSCRUMP to see more photos, info etc - there's loads more wonderful stuff on there, you'll ne amazed by the variety of crafty projects and ideas.

That's all from me for this time - I'm chasing my tail today so keeping this short.
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tracy said...

lovely stuff there kathy :)

Scrappy~Sarah said...

gorgeous, beautiful :) TFS

Wipso said...

Just beautiful. I'm a purple/lilac lover too. A x

Hazel said...

Delicious crafting, Kathy x

Janice said...

Gorgeous Kathy!

Kaz said...

Lovely Kathy xx

Lynda said...

Just brilliant as usual Kathy - I wouldn't have thought about cutting the word out three times and making three different cards - I'd have done it the long way round as usual and just made the one lol. I think I'm learning though!

Love Lynda xxx

CraftyC said...

All lovely Kathy. The Matching box and card and gorgeous!

nutka1911 said...

Just beautiful Kathy!
Have a nice day :)

Ruth (ooffee) said...

Loving the JOY cards! and the box is incredible too ... I can never get them right first time either!!

Super! xx

Mel X said...

The box looks lovely but that card is totally stunning!

Mel X