Monday, October 12, 2009

Variations on a Theme

My C-word card making went better this Sunday and I managed to make this little batch yesterday afternoon. A pretty good haul for me - I'm not the quickest crafter in the world!

I used the Cuttlebug mini Christmas motifs die and leftovers from the BG Wassail paper pad of last year.
To try and speed myself up I stuck full die-sized squares or the papers onto cereal packet squares then cut a full set of shapes from each. There are some motifs I'm not so keen on, but I was strict with myself and didn't go messing about only cutting the ones I wanted!
Yes, I really am that sad and would normally do that, just to save those teeny tiny pieces of paper!

On Saturday we drove up to the NEC in Birmingham to visit the "Grand Designs Live" exhibition. It was ok, but considerably less impressive than we'd thought it would be - it was smaller than expected and the things we'd really wanted to see were in short supply. We were really after some ideas for when we do our kitchen and there wasn't much of interest - and the stuff that was there wasn't very innovative/high tech/exciting at all, nothing like you see on the Grand Designs TV programme.

Still, it made a change, eh?

Hope you had a good weekend
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CLARE said...

Well done Kathy on getting so many made, I love the holly embossing in the top picture.

Karen said...

ahhh do I spy a little embossing there too??? I am always amazed that you make so many in one go Kathy :) They are all lovely & a great way to use up bits.

Shame about the exhibition. I would have expected some really innovative stuff to see...don't think we will bother next time after all XXX

Wipso said...

A really lovely set of cards Kathy. Keep up the good work :-) A x

Kaz said...

Lovely cards Kathy, you're really zooming on with those now.

Shame about the show, I guess it needed Kevin Mcloud didn't it?!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Great cards, they all look fantastic and well done for being so brave not worrying about the little bits of paper :) TFS

Angelnorth said...

Great cards, love the holly embossing and well done on making yourself cut all the motifs rather than picking and choosing!

Janice said...

I like the 'holes' Kathy, very clever

Julia Dunnit said...

Love the cards - I too have to stop myself faffing about with fave shapes...but more to get them used up thatn to prevent myself cutting them out!

Lynda said...

That is one serious production line Kathy and they're all fantastic!

Love Lynda xxx

Lorraine said...

like your cards very classic looking..pity about the grand designs show as that is one of my fav tv programmes

Traceyr said...

Well done on making those cards Kathy you are well on the way now.

Don't stop!!


Ann said...

Beautiful cards. Simple but very classy. Well done for getting so many done in one go!