Thursday, October 01, 2009

Sleigh Bells Ring

The brand new kit from Bubbly Funk has gone on sale today. It's called "Enchanted" and is based around the soft and pretty "Indeed" paper collection from Prima.
Whilst the papers aren't Christmas themed, they will make some lovely Christmas projects particularly if you like that "Snow Queen" feel you get with these colours. I think they'll look wonderful teamed with touches of silver and lots of icy glitter.

I've already done a couple of projects with the new kit and I promise that next week's won't be at all Christmassy, but this week I just couldn't resist using one of the fab templates you'll get in the kit and going with that "Snow Queen" thing to make this little sleigh!

Click HERE to go directly to this project on the Bubbly Scrumptious blog - I hope you like it.
Click HERE to head straight to the October Kit in the Bubbly Funk shop.

The sleigh has been sitting on top of the bookcase near Hubby's desk and he admitted to being tempted by the little sweeties piled in it when he was working from home the other day. He knows me well though because just before he reached out to pinch one he thought "I bet they're not real...."

Before I leave the subject of this kit, I'm just going to make the most of the fact that just for once I'm ahead of the game and have next week's project all ready made and just needing writing up for the emag. Well, you've got to flaunt it on those rare occasions, haven't you?
here are two teeny weeny sneakie peeks of what'll be on here next Thursday.....

Yesterday I was busy writing up the sleigh project and trying to bash a bad headache into submission and completely forgot about the "What's on your Workdesk Wednesday" thing until I saw that Kaz had posted her pics. My desk was really boring - just a "between projects" dump really, so I thought I'd concentrate on my flower collection - or at least some of them for my WOYWW photos this week

Bottles, cans, tubs and boxes of flowers on the shelves above my desk
This cardboard box is A4 sized and about 10cms deep and as you can see it's stuffed full of wired flowers and suchlike. Until recently it was relegated to the "out of sight, out of mind" big cupboard next to the study, but thanks to seeing the beautiful work of Anne Kristine and other very talented crafters the box has come back out into the open. Maybe one day I'll even have used enough of these to close the lid without needing a rubber band to force them all in.

See lots of other crafters' work spaces by visiting Julia's BLOG to get the links. There's nothing quite like a little bit of snooping, is there? lol

That's it for today. I have my dcm card to make ready for tomorrow's new dare. No idea what I'm doing yet - nothing new there, eh?
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Kaz said...

Flower envy is very strong in me today LMAO!!!

Loving yout sleigh and the project for next week is intriguing.

I had to laugh at you putting fake sweets in it to trick your hubby!!

Karen said...

Gorgeous gorgeous sleigh Kathy!!!



Kath said...

Love the sleigh Kathy.

My flowers like those in your box I have made a sort of arrangement of them in that green stuff you get from florists.I have them all in a basket at the bottom of the stairs and they look quite pretty. :)

Julia Dunnit said...

Lovely sleigh project gal. ANd your wall of flowers - wow! And there's me, have to remind myself about flowers for any project at all. The flowers make me smile for two reasons..second is the lovely colours they add to your room. Bliss. As for being ahead of the game..well done. I spend so much time talking about what I'm going to do - it doesn't get done!!

Angelnorth said...

Great sleigh and you have enough flowers there to open a shop of your own, I reckon! Bet there are still occasions when the perfect flower eludes you though, huh?!

tracy said...

loving the sliegh kathy :) liking the look of those sneak peaks too

Kate said...

You have too much stuff, particularly flowers and most definitely need to donate some to me ;) ** Kate ** PS v nice sleigh

Traceyr said...

Wow Kathy such a neat and organised storage section noticed your desk was not in view - that was probably a tip wasn't it? hahahaha


Janice said...

I see there are a few others with their eye on your flower collection - you lucky girl!

I love your sleigh, I think I would make a good snow queen, I love blue, pink and silver lol!

Hazel said...

It's lovely snooping on all your crafty gorgeousness, Kathy. Love the sleigh you've made. I've ordered the kit - looking forward to getting it x

Susie Sugar said...

Fab Sleigh and fantastic shelves full of lovely stash and all your lovely flowers ....where do you live !!! lol
And all so neat I need you to come and sort me and my mess out !!
Hugs Susie xx