Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Pudding Club

One of the Add-Ons for the October Bubbly Funk Kit is a pack of 10 Christmas themed templates. I've used one of the "word" ones and the cute little sleigh template already and this time it's the turn of the Christmas Pudding template.

First I used it full size to make a shaped card

Then I converted my scanned copy of the original template to allow me to cut it with Mr Robo. That done I cut six mini versions of the pudding and made four cards with them.

Today's project can be found by clicking HERE

I think I'll do more like these, the mini pudding is quick to make and I can use them in the same way as I've been doing with the snowflake cards over the last few weeks - nice and easy to turn out a batch of cards fairly quickly.

Sorry about the rubbish photos, I seem to have lost the knack (that's if I ever had it) of taking a decent photo - I'm putting it down to yet another set of bulbs for the lights for the mini studio. We got some energy saving ones but they took about ten minutes to warm up enough to do the photos - which is a bit rubbish, so we bought a new set of daylight bulbs p they are supposed to be the same as the original ones, but they don't seem to be. Whinge over.

You seemed interested in the contents of my boxes yesterday lol. Well the big one wasn't very exciting, just some stuff from M&S, but as I'm feeling generous today, I'll give you a teeny glimpse of what was in the other one.

Earlier this week another big box arrived.
This one
Now, what do you think could be hiding in there then?

Right, it's Thursday, so that means I need to clear a space on my craft desk and come up with something for tomorrow's DCM. If I get that done, I'm off over to Julia's blog to catch up on the WOYWW links from yesterday and a catch up with all my other favourite blogs
Right, I wonder if I can find some inspiration in the bottom of a mug of coffee?

Thanks for dropping by


Kaz said...

Kathy I do believe you are procrastinating ha ha ha!!

Oooo show us the bag!! ANd whoo to the sneaky peek.

Love those puddings xxx

Wipso said...

Hmm me thinks its a bag? Come on show and tell. Love the pudding cards. A x

Angelnorth said...

The puddings looks fab - did you use felt for the cream on the big one? Looks a bit fuzzy round the edges and I'm thinking that was probably not your photography skills, lol!

Anonymous said...

fab set of pudding cards!

Lynda said...

Fab pudding cards and I think the box will probably have a fab bag in it too! We need piccies!

Love Lynda xxx

Leah the Orange said...

oh my, these are stinkin' cute.

and YES, that blasted song! was singing it whilst doing dishes ten minutes ago! GAH! *shakes fist*

thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

Karen said...

oooo methinks its a BAG!!!! Do show us Kathy!!!

Fabby little puddings too XXX

Maria Matter said...

these are really cute Kathy!
fabulous shaped card and love all the variety in the cards!
Blessings, Maria

Carol said...

Pudding club!! fabbie cards you're putting me to shame hardly made any christmas cards!!


lisa said...

Love the puddings, Kathy. You've certainly got this quick card making thing off to a tee, I'm taking lessons. The photos are great too!!
I like the look of your boxes, full of lovely goodies. You are a tease though!


Janice said...

What a tease you are Kathy. Get that Radley out and let us see, please.

Angie said...

Love your pudding cards ...must start mine soon.

Hope you do your FH pages ...I just do a few when I get inspired ...hope to get to the end ... one day... but I dont want the people to be unknown to the next generation. So many photos I just have no clue who they are...others I could guess at but I could be wrong ...hope you dont have that problem and your photos have notes on their backs.