Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gone Flaky & WOYWW

A couple of weeks ago I showed a batch of cards I made using the Spellbinders Snowflakes 2 die set. Since then I've bought set 1 as well (oops, how did that happen then?)
At the weekend I used both sets to give the C-Word card stock a little boost.

For Christmas cards I don't bother with inserts for my cards, so I try to be organised and remember to print greetings inside them as well as my contact info on the back as usual - that way there's less writing to do when it comes to sending them out, you see lol.

This time, as you can see I've gone for a red, gold, white colour theme with lots of glitter and glimmer - well, if you can't have those at Christmastime, when can you?

Once I've decided which papers/colours I want to use I cut loads of shapes out. With the snowflakes this is easy as there are 5 different designs in each set so I cut the whole lot from each paper to begin with. Then it's just a case of sitting down and sticking them on.
The cards all turn out differently as I think of new ways to use the die-cut pieces This way of making a batch of cards suits me, I'm useless at making two cards the same, but this way I can still make quite a lot of cards in a fairly short time without getting too bored!

As an extra little challenge to myself I tried to use up all the snowflakes I'd cut out. I didn't quite manage, there were a couple of stragglers left at the end. So to make up for my failure, I spied some that were left over from making my DCM card last week and made this one

I do like the way using a Cuttlebug embossing folder takes the edge off all that white space - this one is the snowflakes folder. I think my favourite is the one with the three smallish flakes across it in the first photo.
All the greetings are my home-made Rub-on/stickers - I made another sheet of these the other day - this time I experimented with some in red, and also using some dingbat shapes to use as accents - the little snowflake on the turquoise card is one, as are the "ho ho ho" and little Santa pic on the one below
Phew, that was a bit of a waffle, wasn't it?

I think I'd better shut up and get on with what I should be doing this morning, now - before the morning is all gone!

Oops! forgot to put my WOYWW on here to start with - so a bit of an edit to add my photos of the mess I've got to deal with today - for those who asked about it last week, the tall white "thing" on my desk is my daylight lamp - I usually fold it closed to take the photos but today I've left it open - it comes on automatically when you raise the front bit. I thought it could be the star today (night stop you noticing the chaos) so did a photo from left and right!
Thanks for looking


Kaz said...

Your mess still looks tidy to me Kathy!!

Loving the cards you've been making, I'm starting to panic now you're into the swing of them. xxx

Angelnorth said...

Ah ha! Blogger's decided to let me comment now that you've edited your post! You're really ploughing on with the C cards, Kathy - looking great! Thanks for the explanation of the light :o)

Sue said...

Those cards look so classy Kathy, I love the colours you've used.
Sue x

Julia Dunnit said...

Your cards are stunning Kathy, truly lovely. Your desk is just an inspration to me, love the way your supplies are kept at bay from creepingon to the mat! I have the same daylight lamp but have to report that it's suffering from droop, doesn't like staying up at all!
You were very on the ball with WOYWW today - whilst I was stuck in traffic and doing desperately boring chores!!

Karen said...

Lovely cards Kathy.....really striking!!! Your desk is looking tody too ;) XXX

Linda Elbourne said...

Those cards look fab and you desk is not messy ... more productive :0)

Lynda said...

Love your sets of cards Kathy - they always look so beautiful together. I'm getting into making batches - slowly but surely lol.

Love Lynda xxx

Mel X said...

Hiya Kathy, your cards are absolutely stunning - I have SOO gotta update my old sizzix and buy more dies. The cards look Chrismassy yet bang up to date - excellent. I am envious of your craft space as mine never materialised in the end. (Damn birds!!) LOL! Take care

Mel X

Susie Sugar said...

Beautiful elegant cards and a lovely work space..... you should do a little puzzle game and see who can spot all the punches in the photo like in comics when we were kids !! you have punches tucked in every corner ...I have my eye on that Marth Stewart snowflake one
Hugs Susie xx

Susie Sugar said...

No don't tidy up darling I love the look your desk has in fact its made me want that MS snowflake punch I am off to see where I can buy it now !!!lol
And I am going to borrow your idea of hanging things up with the bulldog clips that is a fantastic idea and will stop me creasing all my half used sheets of this and that ! so thanks for that
See you next wednesday
Love Susie xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Had to come back about my magnets..not for Christmas, for A MAgneticYear in a event I'm running.....there's a link in today;s post and a button for 2 scrap ladies if you want to research it!

Janice said...

Nice cards Kathy. Your daylight lamp looks like a useful bit of kit.

Jo Austin said...

Beautiful again Kathy. Love the colours, textures - in fact everything about them!!

Home Made rub ons?? Please tell me more.. xx

Donna said...

Your C Cards are adorable, really classy! I love the "Feel" of your workspace - very cosy and inviting!
Donna x

Susan said...

OOOOOHHHHH - loving all your stash - you have lots of sparkly things!
Your Christmas cards are wonderful - I'm impressed - you've done so many!
Puts me to shame...........

Hazel said...

I love your crafty 'mess' Kathy. Your C cards are so classy - love them - and, yes, the cuttlebug embossing is good for white space x

Keryn Campbell said...

Wow you've been busy. Love the look of the gold and red with the white.

BTW your desk looks a lot like mine and mine's on the tidier side of normal.

Traceyr said...

OOOO I need to get that embossing folder those cards are stunning.

Kathy you have too much stash - I suggest you send some down to me. :)

asia wu said...

Wow, I can see that you're very busy! Your cards are great, as always :)

Thank you for popping onto my blog. Yes, I moved to Leeds (it's gonna be 3 months soon) and I'm completely caught up with settling. We're redoing our flat (struggling with the bathroom right now), I'm starting a new job, so I don't have time to be bored!

Carmen said...

That lamp makes your desk look really cosy and inviting. You look like your in a crafty coccoon there - lovely :)