Thursday, May 01, 2008

What the Postman Brought....

Poor Hubby eventually got back from Copenhagen sometime around midnight. Thank you so much Mr EasyJet for adding even more on to his already very long day by delaying the flight home by an hour. And to whoever (mis)organises when flights will arrive for having loads of planes land all at the same time and thus a stuffed full passport control area which took ages to get through even though all the counters were open. It must be a bit like no buses arrive for an hour and then 35 arrive all at he same time.

Thankfully, no kamikaze deer running across the road on the way home.
I didn't mention his little bit of excitement on the journey to the airport yesterday, did I? Well Hubby rang when he got to the airport and was quite excited because a stag had run across the road in front of him - fortunately, it was well ahead of him and he had a clear view, the van driver coming the other way didn't have such a good view but luckily did have quick reactions and managed to swerve in time to miss hitting the poor creature.

I asked if there'd been any of those "deer for 2 miles" signs there and he said there weren't.
I guess this dopey deer wasn't looking for the signs to tell him it was safe to cross, eh? LOLLOLLOLLOL

I left the blog yesterday still waiting for the postman to arrive. Well eventually he got here and brought another CJ for me to do - it'll be the very last LO I have to do before my own comes home so it's getting to that exciting time - especially as the books went off on their travels back in October. I can't actually remember what mine looked like!

Then there was lovely new stash, and I've made the pictures really big so that hopefully when you click on them you can see them even better!
In one parcel came one of the fab new Crate Paper collections; Sweet Branch
Lovely, lovely, lovely!
Next out of the box came super sunny summery Promenade papers from We R Memory Keepers, they are sooo scrummy - so why are they so darned hard to find over here?
This is such a fab collection, the papers are all double-sided, but the WRMK people have been super clever by using the reverse of some ot the papers to have 4 of the designs in minature - so either perfect for cardmaking - or you get a big and small version of the designs.

Box 2 had a fab mix of papers, some dinky stamps, a flower stamp set and some other bits and pieces which I'm sure will come in handy. Can you see the teeny weeny little train stamp? how cute is that? Oh, and some of this paper has GLITTER on it and is sooooooo pretty!
So, with all that lot arriving yesterday I wasn't expecting anything today. BUT, I had completely forgotten about my name coming out of Joanna's (asia-wu) hat to receive blog candy a couple of weeks back - so it was a wonderful surprise when a packages covered with interesting stamps arrived this morning. All the way from Poland! A teenyweeny little notebook made from mini post-it-notes, a bigger spiral bound note book and a beautiful bookmark - all matching and looking gorgeous, Thank you so much Joanna, I absolutely love them and will use them with pride.
Well, if you've made it to the end of this posting you might have noticed that there's no crafty makes from me today. I finally had an idea for my DCM card, so have been making that today and will share that one tomorrow. I'm also halfway through a card for Crafty Templates but as its still in bits I can't show that either.
Never mind, all that lovely paper is probably prettier anyway!

Thanks for visiting, please pop by again soon :-)


Janice said...

Lovely stash Kathy, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

Glad to hear your hubby made it home safely even if he was delayed.

Anice said...

Oooh lovely stash, the papers look fab! I can't wait to see what you do with them.
Anice xx

seedlings mum said...

aahhhh. stash, lots of lovely stash!

Em said...

You jammy thing - that all looks GORGEOUS!