Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Crafty Templates Time Again

Wow, the weather here is gorgeous - we've now had several sunny and warm days in a row!
Last weekend was a Bank Holiday weekend - sort of May Day, but not on May 1st iykwim

On Saturday we drove over to visit Hubby's bro and family in Hampshire. This means braving the M25 which is never fun and tbh it does mean we don't meet up as often as we probably should. The journey over wasn't nice, the motorway being in tedious, very slow, just-a-great-big-car-park-really mode, but it was lovely to eventually get there and spend some time with BiL, SiL and our nephew - our niece was away at a Brownie camp so we didn't see her this time. We went out for lunch to a local pub and it was nice enough to sit outside to eat. The three of them all have birthdays this month so we let them open their presents early once we'd got back to the house.
Sunday was quiet, Hubby was helping out at an archery have-a-go at a fete in one of the nearby villages. I didn't get the crafting done that I'd planned - but I did think about it......
We spent Mondy in the garden, continuing in our efforts to get things straight - though I doubt we ever will! More veg planting in our new veg bed, more re-potting of things that have outgrown their old pots, and more re-potting of my herbs. I bought a few new ones at Chesters Walled Garden when we were in Northumberland at Easter and they are big enough to put in proper pots now so I sat in the sunshine and did that for a while.

Among other things I've been working on Design Team stuff for the latest Crafty Templates set. The new set has lots of blokey ideas to help out with that dreaded "got to make a man's card" moment!
Here's my first one
It'll be perfect for our eldest nephew's birthday in September (nice to get ahead.....). He's a Newcastle Utd supporter (his Grandad would have been soooo proud), hence all the Black and White. The ribbon isn't just tatty - I frayed it on purpose in the hope that it would look like a football scarf!
The green paper and the felt footballs come from the Goodie Kit that you can buy extra to the templates set. I made the B&W paper on the pc

Please don't forget I have a Blog Candy Draw going on atm - all you need to do is make and show a card using this sketch. Its all to mark 40,000 visitors to my blog and anyone who makes a card will be in the draw for a prize.

What will the prize be?
Well I'm currently thinking that it could be a little book similar to this.
Or it could be a maze book
Or something else.
But I promise it'll be as nice as I can make it!


Angelnorth said...

Gannin' up toon, then hinny? Great footy card, perfect for a Magpies fan! I've just scribbled your sketch down, am trying to wrestle a job under control and will try to get crafty time later!

Louly said...

Wow Kathy that's STRIKING! Pardon the pun. Brilliant!

Sue said...

you know I cannot resist a sketch - had a play - Purely for FUN

Loved it thanks

LOVING the footie card


Caroline said...

40,000 visitors Kathy! Thats amazing. The card is brilliant - ideal for boys.

Hazel said...

Clever footy card, Kathy.

Anita said...

I love to check out your blog. And I had a great time making this card for your challenge!