Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ouch, and more album photos

ohhhh I've just given myself a paper cut opening a new pack of black card and it hurts....:(
I'm cutting some numbers with the Robo to make a Silver Wedding card and now I'm bleeding so I think I need to go and cover the cut before I bleed all over the card.

The "b" on my keyoard is playing silly eggars and only wants to work if I give it a good hard bash - see! So you'll have to forgive me if I forget to hit that particular key hard and some words look a little odd!
I've struggled this morning just to wake up, and now inanimate ojects seem to have it in for me too.
Paranoid? Me?

Here are a few more photos from the mini alum I made for Nick

Now I'm off to tend my wounds and make another coffee. Definitely a need for caffeine around here.....
Take care, thanks for popping by (woooo it worked that time....)


Hazel said...

Ouch to the paper cut - can be so sore. Hope you wake up more soon. The album is scrumptous.

Karen said...

You have such wonderful ideas Kathy, especially on the photo mounts. Its a great little book X

Angelnorth said...

Hee hee, my space bar is sticking at the moment so you have my sympathy! It was cleaning it that caused the problem in my case, though! Take care of the paper cut -sting like heck, don't they? More great pages, love all the little tags and hidden bits!

Susan (Sue H) said...

I love the little books you make Kathy but this one is especially must have something to do with those gorgeous Crate papers.

Hope you finger is feeling better. It's hard to believe that a little paper cut can be soooo painful.

Bex said...

Gorgeous mini book Kathy!
As for sore fingers - I beat you - I shut my finger in the lift door the other day ........ you know the grated "cage" doors on lifts? Well I went to shut it with my finger between one of the grates - I now am minus quite a lot of skin!! I do have to say though that papercuts oddly can hurt more so I prescribe a day of PJ's, caffeine and stroking stash!

Take care, and I AM TRYING to get a day to come up to Hitchin soon so will let you know when if you are around! xx

love bex x

Em said...

Album is lovely Kathy, love those colours togather.

Hope the finger is on the mend!

CraftyC said...

I love your mini album Kathy, its gorgeous and I'm jealous!!