Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sweet Branch BIA Album revealed!

I heard from Nick yesterday to say her Blog Candy had arrived safe and sound, so now I've got something I can show on here - I've not been a very busy blogger lately, so I can spin this one out for a few days if I'm careful. hehehe

I wonder if anyone guessed from the sneak peek I gave of the ribbons and fibres on the spine of the book which papers I used to make it?

Well as I received the new Crate Papers collection "Sweet Branch" the other week and hadn't had a chance to play with them, obviously it had to be number one choice. Ohhhh they are so pretty, the colours are all soft and subtle, what a joy to use.

I made another little album for Nick. It's along similar lines to the others I've been doing, with little double page LOs, one side for a photo and the other for some journalling; that's the idea I have in my head when I make them, but obviously how they are actually used is up to the recipient!
I decided to get the Bind It All out to make this one - this is the first time I've used it to make an album. I learned a little lesson too - you should always check that the page(s) you're making the holes in are pushed right down to the bottom before you pull the handle down and punch through........ooops! Ah well, I also discovered a pretty way to rectify my mistake. Whoever said Necessity is the Mother of Invention was spot on!

Anyway, I'll add some photos here and over the next couple of days to show the whole thing. I hope Nick enjoys filling it up, and I hope anyone popping by will like what they see.

Thanks for looking, please leave a message, its such fun to hear from anyone who pops by


Jules said...

I'll comment in a minute when I've picked myself up from the floor...

That is jaw droppingly gorgeous!!! WOW.

Another one to add to my "I need a bind it all because...." collection :o)

Angelnorth said...

Looks fabulous Kathy, how could Nick fail to enjoy filling it up?! Those papers do indeed look lovely and your monogram looks lush!

Sue said...

Lovely colours indeed. Well done you and how lucky is Nick!
Sue x

Anice said...

Oh Kathy this absolutely beautiful! I wish I could craft like you, you really inspire me to try to improve!!
Anice xx

Nick said...

i know-its even nicer in real life cos you get to stroke it!
I have an idea what I'll use it for-but almost too scared to wrte in it in case it looks messy
your photos are alot better than the ones I took Kathy so if you don't mind I'll link here-once i get round to updating my blog!

Jozza said...

Absolutely divine! I want one hehehe


Kaz said...

Kathy this is just stunning - as usual you clever clogs. I think I need
1. those papers
2. a bind it all
3. that book, so if you don't mind Nick you can forward it to me!!!

Fab fab fab xx

traceyR said...

Fantastic Kathy.

What a lucky person you are Nick!

Traceyr x

Lisa said...

OMG Kathy !!!!! I love that book !!!!
lis xx

Chris A said...

Your little book is gorgeous Kathy. I love flowers!

Sue said...

fab book Kathy

I adore those papers

Hazel said...

Truly, totally scrumptuous!

debby4000 said...

Absolutely breathtaking.

Carol said...

what an absolutely gorgeous album - i bet it will be well loved :)

PaperBabe - Kim said...

Stunning just love the creative way you put things together, very inspiring! I'm not surprised Nick doesn't want to write in it I probably just keep it to stroke and look at!

martita said...

You are amazing! everything what you create is so stylish and cute... it's a pleasure to watch all the posts!