Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Garden Photos and a Pair of Old Boots

I was pretty busy with craft stuff last week and thought I'd got up to date, but I've jsut found that theres another little thing I need to do for one of the projects before I can move on to the next. If I get on with that as soon as I've done this post then I can get on with making Nick's prize for winning my 40,000 hits blog candy (see posting below)
Anyway, having spent most of last week indoors making stuff, and missing a lot of the fab weather we've been having, I made up for it over the weekend by spending lots of time in the garden.

Since we moved here a couple of years ago, lots of the plants we brought in pots have either been waiting to go in the garden, or waiting to be repotted - poor things have been quite neglected.
Last Spring we concentrated on clearing, levelling and seeding the wilderness at the back of the garden. This year we've been treating the palms, acers and cordylines to huge new pots - poor things did look a bit desperate for more space.
Still need to repot those blueberries at the fron of the pic
Most of the stuff that was only in pots temporarily is at last in the ground, and over the last couple of weekends I've repotted all my herbs.

We're starting a veg patch this year too, so we've been busy with planting seeds and repotting seedlings. Neither of us have grown anything edible since the "cress seeds on blotting paper" everyone does at school so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Might be thinking about something else to do with that patch of ground next year!

This photo shows the "new" grass, a bit of the veg patch and in the foreground part of the new shrubs and flowers bed we started last year.
I love this ceanothus which is just near the kitchen patio, the colour is amazing, this photo is pretty poor really though. I must have another go before the flowers go to seed.
The doors from the lounge lead onto a little patio and the picture below shows the bed near that - there's a little fountain in the pebbles and the bird feeding station is here too. That's my favourite acer in the bottom left corner

This little bit of patio is sufficiently "out of sight to have become the dumping ground for broken and empty pots and other junk. I made a special effort yesterday and tidied it up and even swept it - then took a photo to mark the occasion - so yes, this is the "after" version, I'm not showing the "before" one!

Getting back to craft stuff, this is another card made with the new Crafty Templates "Action & Adventure" set. I've called this card "Biker Boots". I used the leather effect black card from the Goodies kit plus some glossy black card to make this. I tried to give the boots a "used" look by swishing over the leather card with the Brilliance "Starlite Black" inkpad.

All for now, thanks for popping by


Rosie (Freycob) said...

WOW!!! Kathy. Your garden is so gorgoues - mine is too new to look like that and so much smaller too.

Jules said...

Your garden is just stunning!!!

Janice said...

Lovely garden Kathy and fabby boots, perfect blokey card!

Karen said...

OMG is it just me or am I the only one who really thought Kathy had new boots???? They really look real!!!

You are so lucky to have such a beautiful garden!!

Angelnorth said...

Your garden definitely looks more cared for than ours - we've gone for the wild approach, very wildlife friendly don't ya know? ;o)

Great boots card and congrats to Nick on being the name out of the hat!

Hazel said...

Wow, those boots are fab. Love the garden photos.

Kaz said...

I love your garden and the house looks lovely too. I'm coming to doss with you for a bit!!

I grow carrots in troughs in potting compost. No digging involved and they grow perfect and straight.

Traceyr said...

Love the boots. Yes Karen I thought they were a real pair too.

I'm jealous of your garden Kathy. We just have a very small patch. ;)

Traceyr x

Caroline said...

Love the boots card Kathy.
Your garden is gorgeous - shame the weather has changed again. Fingers crossed for a good summer so you can enjoy it!