Friday, May 02, 2008

And another thing......

aaaaaaggggghhhhh I missed it!

Despite watching fairly carefully,over the last few days I still managed to miss my blog hitting the 40,000 visitor mark (wow!) - and its now its already gone quite a few over!
My plan was to celebrate the 40,000 by offering blog candy - so what to do?
I could wait for a few weeks and celebarte (hopefully) 45,000 or should I just go for it and be a bit late?

Oh what the heck, let's party!

I will make something for one person who's name is pulled out of my virtual hat next Friday - there's a catch (well, 2 to be precise) though.
Catch no 1: You'll need to make something of your own first and show it on your blog!
I've drawn the basic sketch from my DCM card for this week and if you'd like to win some candy, all you have to do is make and show a card made using this sketch.
Catch no 2 is that you can't use it for the DCM challenge or any other challenge - just for this one! How mean am I? ;-)
Yes, I'm VERY mean, but I promise I'll make something nice for whoever wins. And it's not SUCH a hard sketch, is it?
Once you've made your card, leave a message on this post to let me know where I can find your card, then the names of those who join in will go into a draw - I'll pick a winner at random next Friday and some blog candy will be on its way soon after.

Please join in and help me celebrate. I can't quite believe how many people have visited in the two years I've been blogging - I've made so many lovely new friends all over the workd and I love every minute of this Blogging lark - this is my way of saying "Thank You"


Hazel said...

Yay!! Well done for so many hits! Like the look of this sketch - adding to my (getting longer)list of things to do. Off now to look at DCM.

Janice said...

Well done Kathy - you are very poplular and rightly so. I love your stuff and am still stroking my little book I won in the auction. So I will try my bestest to enter your blog candy draw.

Kate said...

Well done on reaching 40,000. Will have a go at the sketch over the weekend, if I get a chance!!

Jackie said...

Well done on your 40,000 here's to the next 40,000

Ana Baird said...

Well done! Great sketch

Nick said...

wow thats alota hits!!

fantastic template-just what I needed today thank you-mines on my blog

Sue said...

40,000 that is a lot!
I've done a card for this and you can find it on my blog. It didn't turn out to be the card I had in mind when I started.
Sue x

~ Maricel Fabi said...

Great sketch and Congratulations on your 40,000, Kathy! Thank you for leaving a comment on my site. Have a great week! :)

Jo said...

Hi Kathy.. well done on reaching this landmark..

My entry for your blog challenge is here.(the goldy coloured one about half way down..)

Karen said...

Huge congrats Kathy and well deserved too! I have risen to the challenge. You will find my card on my blog hon X

Angelnorth said...

OK, I only have to quadruple my hits and I'm there ;o) - well done!

Managed something with the sketch (bit of an uphill struggle mind you), it's here

Lisa said...

ooohh love a good template : )
Thanks Kathy and congrats on all your visitors !!! xx