Friday, May 09, 2008

I knew that would come in useful!

Its Daring Cardmakers Day again.
This week we have a team dare for you ....and we have been looking at Recycling once again. BUT there is a tiny twist! (you'd expect no less eh?) We want you to have a look at old shop bought greetings cards, wrapping paper or gift bags which you have received in the past and recycle any elements to make a card of your own.
You could use them to make backgrounds, cut small focus pieces out, or use the flowers, ribbon and other interesting bits and pieces that are often attached to the cards.

So there you go! Simple eh? So come on join in and reuse, go green, start recycling!

Phew! I didn't even start my card till last night, and of course I felt the need to do some "tweaking" this morning but I got it onto the blog with about 15 minutes to spare so not too bad really!

I do tend to keep shop bought cards that have interesting bits on them; glittery and shiny bits are fab for die-cutting and you often get a nice bit of ribbon or a flower or some other "might be useful one day" embellishment. Well that's my excuse for hoarding such stuff anyway!

I found a card in my box which had several cupcakes on it - they were all the same size, but different colours and with different "toppings" and glittery bits on them. I've used a few to make this card, layering the various bits up with 2D foam. Oh, and I used another card to recycle the pink background pieces too.

Of couse I had to use the BG Cupcake paper pad too!
The little foam flowers came with an SA Kit a month or so back, everything else is from my stash.
I really wanted to make the greeting from words cut from old cards too - in a sort of ransom message fashion. But none of the cards in my stash worked in the right way. I should have saved more of them..........

This is a really fun dare as there are all sorts of bits and pieces you can recycle and use in your own way. Plus its a really good excuse for being a hoarder!

There are some great cards on the DCM blog, and more info on the various personal blogs. We'd love you to join in and show us your recycling ideas too


Karen said...

Lovely card I am off on the hunt thru my box!!!

CraftyCarol said...

The only cards I keep nowadays are cards that are special to me so couldn't cut them up :( I like your card though :)

Sue said...

Lovely card you've made. I think the only ones i have for cutting up are from Christmas and i'm not starting on those just yet.
Sue x

Sylvie :) said...

Well done for all your great last creations Kathy !!

Jackie said...

Soooo cute (won't make a comment about good enough to eat ;))

Susan (Sue H) said...

A very pretty card and as fantastic as ever.

I really love the way you've layered the cupcakes into one instead of using the seperatly.

Hazel said...

Amazing what can be done with recycling! It's a great card, Kathy (must try to have a go at this one)

Em said...

Love the colours on this Kathy - so sweet!

Judy said...

Yummy card, Kathy (couldn't resist that!!! LOL)
Great theme this week! Yes, Blogger is a pain sometimes! (but then I could be to blame!)

Anonymous said...

Its gorgeous Kathy - lovely and scrumptious! :)


Karen said...

Oohh, I love that! Truly scrummy!