Sunday, August 26, 2007

More Sneaky Stuff

Shockingly, we've had TWO sunny days in a row!
I should probably be out gardening, but instead I've been crafting. Hubby is ensconced in the Guestroom with lots of paint pots for company. Yesterday he gloss-painted the picture rail and the windowsills. This morning he went to examine his handiwork only to be heard yelling " I'm REALLY angry....." he'd discovered the tiny tracks of a spider, then the now dead spider stuck on the windowsill, minus a couple of legs - which had been left further behind in the still damp paint.... not a happy hubby oooops!

And that's why I've been stying right out of the way and only going as far as the door to deliver cups of tea and bottles of water!

I can't share most of the stuff I've been busy with on here, so thought a few more sneak peeks might be in order - just to prove I have been working (a bit, anyway)


Lynne said...

LOL!!!! @ the poor spider ... :D

Oh these seaky peeks look fab - can't wait to see them in all their glory.

Anne said...

How funny, tiny little spider foot prints :)))

Hazel said...

You are a tease with these fab sneak peeks, Kathy!

Sylvie :) said...

mmm I'm too curious now ;o)

Kate said...

I'd have thought spiders would tread really lightly, was it a big un! Like the sneak peaks - you're teasing us!!