Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Breaking news

We got our planning permission!


We had to change the plans and do without the extra small rooflight we wanted because the heritage people were being really ultra tedious but they are graciously allowing us to move the existing ones to more suitable places....

It's maddening really because you can hardly wee these windows at all, yet take a walk around the neighbourhood and there are many many greater and much more obvious floutings of the rules about what's allowed in the conservation area - honestly, I feel like going out, taking photos and sending a dossier!

We rang the local council and they said "go ahead you don't need to apply for extra planning permission from us for what you want to do" But because we wanted to do it "right" we contacted the heritage people to check, of course they needed detailed plans etc.
Crazy thing is, we could actully have just gone and done the work, apart from the windows all the work is internal so there's have been nothing "new" showing up as being done without permission even when we sold the house.
Sometimes trying to do things right isn't such a good idea. We should have just kept our mouths shut and got on with it. grrrr

Anyway, at least we can get on now and I'm even looking forward to the chaos, because after that there'll be 2 lovely new bathrooms.
Bye bye manky, green, chipped and broken tiles, bye bye stained carpets, split bath panel, nasty fake "old" taps that only provide a dribble of water, bye bye grotty shower with door that doesn't fit properly, bye bye loo that wobbles (yes really), and bye bye widescreen mirror to look at yourself in when you're sat on the loo - such a nice finishing touch, maybe we'll keep it.....NOT!


Sue said...

I FEEL your excitment


Lynne said...

Yay, fantastic news.

Susan (Sue H) said...

That’s great news Kathy and you now have weeks and weeks of lovely mess to look forward to. Rather you that me but I guess it’ll be worth it in the end.

Glad to hear that mirror is on its way out too….it certainly distracts your concentration!