Friday, March 30, 2007

Lythan's Strictly Monochrome Dare

The wonderful Lythan set the challenge for the Daring Cardmakers this week. She said:

This week you can do ANYTHING you like on a card BUT you can only use one colour. I (Lythan) have been very strict with the team and quite frankly enjoy the power when they come begging to be allowed to use just a hint of one other colour. I did in the end allow black for the sentiment particularly if you do an all white card. But the real idea is to have fun with just one colour and see just what variation there is.

Honestly - she was soooo tough on us for this dare - and she looks so meek and mild too! We grovelled and begged but she was adamant we had to use just one colour. My personal favourite was Jo's first effort for this dare, I hope she'll post in on her blog for you to see, it was inspired!

I went for blue - I love this colour but for some reason don't use it much on cards so thought it would be a good choice, and anyway the rest of them would all go for pink wouldn't they? haha that's a joke - seems like everyone felt blue was the colour as cards in shades of blue popped up one after the other - we were sent scurrying back to our desks to have another go with another colour!
For my blue card I started by making asmall sheet of thin card covered with a patchwork of all the blue papers I could find, when it was done I made the flower with 2 layers of freehand cut petals.
The lovely Joanne (AKA Angelnorth) kindly went shopping and bought lots of packs of twinkling H2O-alike paints from The Works the other week and I am the happy owner of one of them. I've used them to make both the backing papers for this card, the lower one is made with thicker, deeper colours and the upper one is the same paint but watered down quite considerably. The corners and the centre of the flower are cut from Bazzill card then coated with Glossy Accents. The buckle is from Cosmo Cricket - I inked and UTEEd it though. The ribbon, fibres, bling etc is all from my stash.
Card 2 didn't really turn out as it looked in my head! It was supposed to be a 4 petal "lollipop" style affair, but I don't think I had the right circle punch to make it work, so ended up chopping them up into these more abstract shapes. I inked the card with cat's eye chalk ink directly onto the card to make the background. Again, I went through my stash and found any orange papers, then cut squares to use for the patchwork pattern. I used UTEE and orange glitter glue to make the big circle in the middle. The stalk and leaves are grosgrain ribbon. It still looked a bit unfinished so I attacked it with a bit of doodling.
Please check out the rest of the cards on the DCM blog, and visit all the team members' personal blogs to get more information on their fabulous rainbow of cards which will hopefuly inspire you to off and make a single colour card too.

These are the "inchies" I've made for the Bubbly Funk swap I mentioned the other day - I just hope they're ok - since I made them I've had a look around and most of these seem to be flatter than I've done. But this is my style and if nothing else, then they reflect that! I hope they'll be ok though


mamaluke said...

Hi kathy, thanks for your comments! you are such a star! I like all that texture in your blue card, I really should pinch your flower ideas one of these days! You should see the state of my dining table!!! needs a severe tidy aaagh I need a butler! those inchies ae just divine! We must do a swap sometime, would you be up for it?

Rosie said...

Those cards are beautiful Kathy, I especially love the blue one!

After seeing your inchies for the BF I want mine back to re-do!!!! Premature apologies for when you get one of mine hun!

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Those two cards are gorgeous Kathy. You've been brave enough to try the inchies too - wonderful.

Di said...

Your inchies are lovely and I do love all the flowers you make for your cards.

Paula said...

Love the beautiful big blue bloom. You have patience!!!
Those inchies are so cute.

Bex said...

Hi Kathy
Lovely cards as always - I run out of words to compliment x
Thanks for this weeks challenge - I have decided making cards is much easier with a "focus"!!
Otherwise I shift around paper and ribbons for hours and achieve nowt!

Yes you are right - we should arrange a coffee - I can't believe I have lived here for 6 months on Tuesday!!!!
I am working full time but I am sure we can work something out for a coffee one weekend - or perhaps I will do a sneaky early finish as I am getting good at those!
Love Bex xxxxx

Rhi said...

Gorgeous cards Kathy and I love youre inchies too, really cute. Rhi x

manicstamper said...

Love your cards Kathy they're beautiful.
The Inchies are just amazing and it doesn't matter what anybody elses look like.....they are little pieces of your fabulous style which is what it's all about.

Gillian Hamilton said...

Kathy gorgeous Mono cards.. love them both.. and as for your devine Inchies... awwww... they are SCRUMMY!!!!!.. I love that yours are 'lumpy,bumpy'.. I just want to touch them...

Lythan said...

Fabby cards as ever kathy. I am always in awe of the detail you put in.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kathy

Nicki in Switzerland here .... I just wanted to say how fantastic all these dare cards are! I'd love to join in but a) really don't have time and b) really can't come up with anything like you guys!!

But I am so glad that the whole thing is going so well .... is there any way I can send a message to the whole gang at once?

Take care and keep in touch (hope you've still got my e-mail!)
Love for now
Nicki xxxx (just off to investigate what "inchies" might be!!!)

CarolineO said...

Beautiful cards! Just been having a peek at your hubby's photography too - AWESOME!!!

Sam Morris said...

The blue card is stunning (but then I LOVE blue!) and I love the bold design and colours of your second dare card

And your inchies...WOW!!

Angelnorth said...

Yay! The pearly paints get used in anger :) They look great here Kathy - nice job!

Love the inchies, too. I think 'flatish' is all anyone needs, isn't it? It wouldn't be you if it didn't have a bit of touch-feeliness about it!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

your cards are simply amazing! gorgeous colors and so many details!!!! perfection!

Mel Diener said...

Wow...I've been peeking at different cards for this challenge, all over the place, and I must say that yours, ABSOLUTELY ROCK!!! They are totally awesome.