Monday, March 19, 2007

I've got a Banner!

Just in case you hadn't noticed, changes to the look of the blog have taken place over the weekend. Lovely Hubby has sorted me out with a banner for the top and colour matched a background to make it look pretty - what a hero!

You might recognize the banner - it's my 2007 photo journal - but he played with the photos to make something that would fit. You'll have to let me know if the orange colour is horrid to look at - we think it looks fine, but if loads of people think it's uggghhh rather than oooooh then maybe we need to think again!

I've been bust with stuff I can't show on here for the moment so instead I'll show you some stash photos. I've been sorting my flowers and ribbons recently as new treasure has come into my possession. So first off I now have 2 drawers for my ribbon, although a few punches share one of them. The bundle of loos ribbon came in the box with my SA Kit the other week - their extra bits and bobs shop is such good value and if you get "extras" sent with your monthly kit you don't pay extra postage - so it would be rude not to, really! The blue and lilac ribbons lying in the righthand drawer are Prima ones and come on a cute stand - they usually live on the shelf looking pretty!

I had quite a few bottles of Prima flowers, plus lots more in some of those cheap spice jars that Tesco were selling a couple of months back. I'm not sure how it happened but all of a sudden the collection of loose blooms outgrew the boxes they were in, so a reshuffle was called for and a "Bloomers Drawer" made room for. A happy afternoon was spent chopping up soap powder boxes and covering them with pretty paper to make finding the right flowers easier, Yes I know I was just avoiding doing the "real" jobs that are on my list! They do look pretty though, don't they? ;-)
The bottles are still on the shelf and the boxes now have room for the big blooms.

Maybe nzt time I'll show you my beads.....Or maybe not

And finally some outdoorsy photos from last weekend.....
Here's the first gorgeous camellia to have opened in the garden. I love this plant, how stunning is that colour? Really cheers me up when I seen the camellia in bud , knowing that Spring really is just around the corner.

And these two are from our blossom-hunting walk last Sunday. Of course, yesterday it was howling gales, and HAILSTONES - plus some bright blus sky - it's all gone weird!


Jo said...

How organised are you!! Your stash looks fabulous - bet it doesn't stay tidy for too long lol! I love your new blog colour and the banner looks fabby :)

jo xx

Maisymary's Findings said...

Yo Kathy ! This new banner rawks grrl ! Pity it's the hero hubby who did it for you ! lol - I'm looking ard for blog banner services & if you know of nayone who'd do it for a RAK I'd be happy to connect ! lol I havent looked around anyways !

Lovely organised stash you have my dear ! lol

Sarah said...

Oooh, love the bloomers drawer!!Hee Hee! I thought I had a large collection of primas and bloomers but looking at yours has made me realise that I need to buy more, and more, and more!!

Rainowgirl said...

Hi Kathy

I love the orange colour - really bright and cheerful with spring round the corner. Did I say spring? What with hail and storms yesterday, snow overnight and again today, it's hardly spring. One flower on our Camelia has been out for a couple of weeks, but the rest are slow and perhaps as well or the cold would brown the blossoms.

You are so organised. I've had to spend about an hour and a half clearing up my craft mess from the How Random fiasco. I got so cheesed off doing it that I just ended up with everything all over the place and glitter on the carpet. Feel better now for having tidied it all away. Must check out your attempt.


Rosie said...

Gotta say it again Kathy - I LUUURRRVVVEEEE the new look blog! Am jealous of how fab your's look and how drab mine looks! lol xx

Quilt Nut said...

love the new look!

Keryn Campbell said...

Kathy I am seriously in need of a lovely banner like yours and for someone to organise my stash like yours, so when are you planning a holiday to NZ?

Rhi said...

Love the banner Kathy, really funky. You'r ribbons and blooms look gorgeous, I think I have flower envy! Rhi x

Sue said...


how posh is THAT looks lovely Kathy

and your craft room looks tidy!!!

Caroline said...

Love the orange Kathy - very zingy.....and you do look very organised. Snot fair......

Em said...

Am loving the new banner and orange colour - very "spring-y".

Your room is FAR too organised though Kathy - you are putting me to shame lol!


Sarah said...

Kathy - wonder if you can help me, i have a special wedding card to make and like the look of that love theme vellum you sometimes use, could you tell me where you get it from please?

Sarah said...

Thanks for the information Kathy I'll see if I can order some.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy, I love your new banner, and the journal is gorgeous, love all the embellishments.

Love all your storage ideas, they look fabulous.

Have a great weekend.

Best Wishes

Gillian Hamilton said...

After you swing by Keryns and organise her, can you stop off here too.. pretty please, but you'll need a good month to get my space as lovely as yours.. LOL!
Love your new banner, what a clever man you have!

Keilly said...

Hi Kathy

Just wondered which branch of Tescos you bought your cheap spice jars at, as I'm also in Hertfordshire and have been looking for spice jars for a little while now. Love your new banner.


Paula said...

How organised are you??

I love the flower photo - I wish I could take half the photos you post on your blog [envy icon]