Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cards, Books and Stash

Thank you for all the lovely comments you left about Hubby's photos of the Lunar Eclipse - we're really pleased you liked them - although apparently I didn't crop them properly....ah well, you can't win 'em all!

Ooooh I find myself with lots of crafty photos to show today!
First up is one for this week's Daring Cardmakers Little Extra:
We have another of our recipes for your Little Extra challenge this week.
This time the ingredients are:
3 buttons, 3 different papers, and 3 different ribbons.
I've gone all pastel prettiness this time with a pale blue "woven fabric" paper at the top of the card, then two glittery ones from the DCWV fab Glitter Mat Stack. The buttons and brads are from my stash - don't you just love it when you have exactly the right colours in amongst your stuff? And the ribbons? I hear you ask - later, later - just be patient!

The next two are part of a commission for Mother's Day and various other special occasions (still to be done...).
The fisrt one uses the same sheets from the glitter stack plus various flowers from my "Bloomers" drawer! :-)
The second one is my favourite though. I've used papers from the new BG Pheobe pad - I love the mix of patterns and plains in here, and especially the sheet full of "ribbon" style designs - for this card I've used a plain green sheet to make a border for the pretty flowered paper then used two patterns cut from the ribbon paper stuck one on top of the other with foam tape.
I've been asked about my little Maze book, so thought I'd show it again.

If you want to know how to make one here's the link to the demo
I've decided to fill it with pretty things and have made a start with these two pages.
I'm hoping that some of you crafty people will want to make one too - then hopefuly we can think about getting together and doing some 6cm decorated square swaps - let me know if you're interested in joining in with something like this.

The first page was just a bit of fun in pink - I got out any bottles of Primas with pink flowers in them, plus the boxes of mixed blooms and then just covered my square with loads of them, fixing them down with a selection of pretty round brads.
The second is just some simple ribbon weaving with a set of Prima ribbons that fell into my possession last week.
I think I'm going to do a mongram for my next square - just not quite sure how yet!
Just in case the direct link doesn't work, try this:

OK you've waited long enough. I placed an order with Ribbon Oasis last Friday afternoon and what should drop through my letterbox on Saturday morning but a nice big bag of fabby ribbon in all sorts of styles, widths and colours. I must say I was spoiled for choice and I rather think I'll be popping back there again soon - well, you just can't have enough ribbon can you? I've even used some of it already - on my card for today's DCM Little Extra.

That's All, Folks


Lythan said...

Oooh I'm in colour heaven. It is all so lush and lovely Kathy. Your little book will be fantastic!

Allison said...

These cards are just beautiful...I am so used to stamping but combining all these terrific papers and embellishments is very appealing!

mamaluke said...

Wow kathy, you have been busy, I love the colours on your mother's day cards, so bright an cheery. And the lunar pics are just fab! keep up the good work! May I add you to my blog links?

Lynne.x said...

Oh, oh, oh, what to look at first.

You have been very busy missy, and I so love that you have a 'Bloomers Drawer' , teehee.

Gillian Hamilton said...

I must admit, I had a lovely chuckle about your 'bloomers drawer' too...
What a delicious post Kathy... lots of lovely creations and beautiful colour...just like a lolly shop!
Your LE card it gorgeous, great use of that scrummy PP...
Oh I do love those MD Cards too... gorgeous!!!..

Janine said...

oh kathy what treasures you have there.....everything is looking so pretty in this post.

Wife2TJ said...

What beautiful cards!!!

and yummy ribbon. Gotta love ribbon!

Quilt Nut said...

oh oh oh all the lovely ribbon and the cards, just stunning!

Esther said...

Ooo where to start??? Yes please any swaps going, i do tend to like! hehee, erm what else was I gonna say?... Ah yes! the link doesnt seemt o work for the demo of that book, still intrigued... can you set up link again? or let me know address, many thanking you's!

annikki said...

I'll love to join 6x6 swap, it sounds very interesting...

I like your cards, colors made me think about spring. :)

Maisymary's Findings said...

O my Kathy love the contents of the maze book & thanks for the link !

& yea ! finally see your DCWV glitter cardstock creations ! wonderful ! wonderful !

Great mum's day commission card ! wahoo you've been busy !

I do hear you about stamping - I felt exactly as what you saids re: the Asian images - I didnt get round to acquiring much in that area but i did buy an odd one or two .

Paula said...

Thank You for the kind words, yesterday. They meant a lot.xx

Goegeous colours these cards.So fresh & exciting.
Love the mini project too, a page full of flowers how pretty.
My mojo is returning slowly. I will look into this maze book at the weekend.
Like minis as you know & 6cm squares have a diddy appeal!!!

Keryn Campbell said...

With all that colour you can see you're into spring over there.

Rhi said...

Oh Yum Kathy, a feast for the eyes :)

Rachel said...

gorgeous cards, gorgeous ribbon yum yum yum xxx

Mara said...

I love your cards. How do you put the ribbon through the buttons? Aren't the holes to small?

Kathy said...

Hi Mara
I couldn't get onto your blog as there was no link - so I hope you'll come back and find this reply to your question!
Ribbon will go through the holes of a button - though sometimes it needs a bit of perseverance and persuasion"
Sometimes you just need to choose the right ribbon - organza stuff will go though small holes if you give it a bit of help with a needle tool

Maisymary's Findings said...

Hi Kathy

I remember some things in this post but not others ! I seemed to have missed yr DCWV glitter cards ! lol

Great use of the papers ! love them !

I will be putting up some blog candy to win on my blog ! Do check back tmrrw . I should put up pics by then !