Thursday, March 15, 2007

There and Back to see how far it is...

I never did get round to posting some photos from the Canterbury trip, so time to put that right and head back for a whistle-stop tour - as you'll see the weather was a bit (a lot) too grey for getting any decent photographs.

The gateway to the Cathedral Precinct is fantastic. It's also where they make you pay a MAMMOTH fee to get in.
Now I really don't like paying to go inside a church - I think it's just WRONG, like putting a place of worship on a par with Disneyland - surely that can't be right? I know, I know, I've had this rant before - about Ely, back last summer I think it was....
so I'll shut up now.

The Cathedral is beautiful and the sense of peace, despite it's turbulant history - being the scene of the murder of
Thomas รก Becket in 1170 - it captures is quite special. "Murder in the Cathedral" was one of the plays I studied for "A" Level English - not that I can actually remember much now!

Here's a tip - you can get through the gate without paying at night! And if the weather is as grotty as it was in February, then early evening is probablty the best time to send your Hubby out to get a decent photo of the Cathedral.

Canterbury is full of wonderful old building
s and winding streets with some great names telling of their history I took loads of photos of street signs, we saw Gas Street, Mercery Lane, Hawks Lane, Longmarket and my favourtie Beer Cart Lane. I have the idea of making them all into some sort of montage or maybe a scrap page some time. We went to "The Canterbury Tales" Visitor Attraction - surely there's a better name for these things? Anyway, it was pretty good, the models, effects and lighting made for an interesting and fun way to hear a few of the stories from Chaucer's famous Tales. And so back to now and some more crafty stuff!

I can't remember the name of the paper I used to cover the square in the middle - it's a sort of cross between tissue and a very soft, fine fabric, I've got it in several colours - this one is white with flecks of gold and silver foil on it.
Other stuff used: Ribbons, alphabet beads and pale blue seed beads, QK mini cross, a bit of vellum and some silver brads and eyelets.

I made this for someone who's been giving me a bit of help - and more importantly doing a lot of listening! I used some of the old papers from an ephemera pack to make the background and the flower - I added lots of cat's eye chalk inks to the paper, and to the cream cardstock. The ribbons, thread and lace are all from my stash - this was a fun card to make, I'd forgotten how nice it is to use old stuff even though I have a drawer full of it!

And finally for today a group of simple Thank You cards - the word made with my craftrobo - I outlined them all with a gel marker pen to help them stand out a bit. The little parcels on the back ones are the QK mini present die.

See you tomorrow with the latest of the Daring Cardmaker's Challenges!


Janine said...

wow I love those photos......oh the cards are gorgeous.

Paula said...

Fab creations & love the photos.
I like old buildings very much.

mamaluke said...

I like the flower with print on, unusual and lovely!

Please check out my blog for my COMIC RELIEF auction!

Rosie said...

Fab photos of Canterbury Kathy!

And I LOVE your crafty photos too!

Maisymary's Findings said...

Yes fab photos of Canterbury ! & all your recent card creations ! fab & original ! lots of ideas going on !

Sam Morris said...

Teriffic photos of Canterbury, particularily the one of the cathedral at night ;o)

Great cards too...LOVE the print flower, another thing I'm going to HAVE to scraplift LOL! And such a delicately perfect baby card! And finally really love the bold "Thanks" on the last group of cards ;o)

~ Sam

Anntaurus said...

Oh wow Kathy - this is delightful.

Paula said...

Love the photos of Canterbury. It's only 12 miles down the road from me, but I haven't actually got past the shopping yet *blush*

Lynne.x said...

Oh Kathy - I love-love-love that newsprint flower card ..... its gorgeous.

sharon said...

I love your printed flower, I have to steal that idea :)

Sharon x