Monday, April 02, 2007


OK, so I have a commission for a Golden Wedding card which I need to get done by Thursday. The customer sent me some photos (not great ones, either) in the hope that I could incorporate them into the card.
I have a plan, and have already printed up the base card with one of the photos on it. However the second photo is a more recent one of the couple the card is for, but it's unusable as it is, so a couple of weeks ago I asked the Household Photo Wizard (that's Hubby btw) if he could make the pic look as I wanted it to. He did all that magic photo tweaking stuff and saved it for me. So, somewhere in the depths of the files on the pc is this photo, all ready just to resize and print out ready to use. Today is the assigned day for this job.
Can I find it?
Can I heck as like.
I spent ages this morning searching for it, then sent plaintive email to hubby asking for clues. Of course, his memory is worse than mine and he can't remember either. So now I'm in trouble as he's going to have to waste some precious "home" time locating said image.

However, I've managed to finish a few Easter cards - we don't send many so this should be fine - all variations on the same theme, but I think they are cute. I used some gingham paper from pda, scraps of bazzill card with my new favourite toy - a 1.5cm square punch, and the tiny little bunny bunch I got in my Christmas stocking a couple of years back aaaawwww sweet!
These are the lovely "Pretty in Pastel" decorated squares I got in the swap a few of us did at Scrapstars recently - they are only 6cms square and sooo pretty - they are destined for my little maze book - I'm going to make little tag for the facing page to say who made each of them.
The lovely Joanne wanted to make squares for the swap, but didn't really want to receive any in rturn, so I made her this card to say "thank you". You might recognise the monogram from an earlier post. The beautiul Japanese paper was sent to me by the very kind and helpful Pearl in Singapore - we did a little swap a few weeks back and this gorgeous paper was in there.

There has been a HUGE cyber crop going on at Scrapstars. Last weekend it was all photography and digital scrapbooking tips and tricks, and the weekend just gone was the more "regular" type of crop with loads of LOs, cards and all sorts of other useful stuff. They ar a very talented bunch of people who seem to like nothing better than to share their ideas and expertise. The only one I've managed to actually do (so far anyway) is the class Joanne gave using the Craft Robo for cutting loads of bits and pieces for a Spring themed LO.
It was the kick I needed to do an LO for my photo journal, I've not been vry good at all - so far I've only managed to do my January pages and here we are in April already!
Still, I knew I had the perfect photo for the Spring theme, but I had to change Joanne's gorgeous yellows and greens for pinks and blues to match the photo. I also had to change the title font as my Robo really objected to cutting Joanne's beautiful cursive font in tiny size, boohoo
Anyway, I'm quite pleased with this little LO, and I got to use that new square punch again, didn't I!


Em said...

Crikey Kathy you have been a busy girl!!!

Fab stuff as ever, am loving "spring is in the air" gorgeous colours.

Hope you find your photo - and glad it's not only me that can't ever find stuff on computers lol!

Sarah said...

Love those cards, Kathy, especially the blue and white one. The colours on that layout are fab too!

Bex said...

Wow Kathy - You have been busy!

I really like the dark blue on the card - and the paper from Pearl is divine!

Hope you find the file on the PC ...... quickly! I hate spending hours tearing my hair out looking for something!

Have a lovely week
Love Bex xx

Kate said...

Gosh you have been busy. I LOVE the squares, so cute.

Paula said...

Love that spring layout & those fabby Easter cards.
I have been playing with the sketch this card blog sketches. got some uploaded but need to sort the others. I can't do layouts at the mo, but my teamies & I on UKS have set ourselves a £5 challenge so looking forward to that.

Hope you find what you need for that card!!!

Mel Diener said...

These are ALL fantastic. Where do you find the time to create so much?

Don't you just HATE that when you need something NOW and you can't find it??? Hope hubby's memory improves in a hurry lol.

Lisa said...

Am loving it ALL especially the Spring one, so refreshing and the picture is so beautiful xxxx

Angelnorth said...

Gosh - lots of stuff and all fabulous Kathy :) I can testify that the sparkly blue J and Pearl's paper are even more lovely IRL!

Have your tried searching your whole computer for *.jpg (or whatever format your picture will be in) and limiting the search to files that have changed in the last week?