Friday, March 16, 2007

A Random Friday Dare

Kel said:

"Right, this week, I want you to make a list of 10-20 crafty items you have in your stash, whether it be brads, ribbons, peel-off's(!), craft robo, etc, etc. Give them all a number.

Next, ask someone non-crafty to either pick 3-5 of these, or to pick numbers randomly from a hat.

Finally, make a card using ONLY the items chosen. If you want to make it really challenging, list plenty of items that you haven't used in a while, or thought you may never use again...

There you go! Have fun!!"

We said
"Oooh, this looks like fun...."

Well, it did sound fun, and maybe we thought it looked a nice easy dare. Until we pulled the components we'd lumbered ourselves with from our hats!

My list included
*Patterned Papers, inks, Alcohol inks, rubber stamps - things you could make backgrounds from
* Vellum, tags, ribbon, lace - things for the "middle ground"
* diecuts, beads, buttons, brads, eyelets, wire, flowers - the nitty-gritty things I use a lot
* Feathers, Shrink Plastic, Friendly plastic - the wobbly ones I hoped wouldn't come out because they need a bit of extra planning and would be difficult to incorporate into a dare like this.

There's no-one around to help so I put the bits in a box, close my eyes, pull out a little piece of paper, it says:
Ribbon - great, that's a good one
Next one says:
Buttons - ok, I have buttons
3rd draw pulls out:
Flowers - easy peasy, flower, ribbons and buttons work well toegether, this'll be easy!

All I need now is some sort of background making item, paper - or inks would be nice.
I close me eyes, put my hand in the box and take out another piece of paper.
FEATHERS ........oh GREAT!....... NOT! ......... all these bits are embellishments but I've drawn nothing out to embellish!
I didn't dare pick out a 5th item even though it was allowed - with this sort of luck the Friendly Plastic would come out and then I'd be stuck up a creek without a paddle and no mistake!

I've loads of feathers, I like them - they are soft and pretty and fluffy - and the reason I have a lot is because they seemed like a good idea at the time but are really NOT easy to use.
So here you go, the best of a bad job, and only a teeny weeny bit of cheating.

Pink and orange ribbons to make some sort of backdrop for this lovely fluffy orange feather, tiny bright pink button on the top corners, lots of pink and orange flowers. My cheats: Stickles glitter glue and Liquid Pearls for the flower centres. The greeting was printed on the pc and outlined with gel pens
Cheats on the 2nd card: a little piece of white card, some gel pen "stitching" - and I'll also admit to be unable to resist the urge to reach for a cat's eye chalk ink to swipe the edge of the greeting card, and to add a bit of extra shading to it, oh and a bit of shading to the white flower tto

The line of ribbon behind the flower does actually match the rest of the lilac on the card - for some reason only this bit failed to come out right on the photo.

Thanks Kel for tricking us into thinking this was an easy one - I think you caught us all out! This was a really clever dare but I think the team rose to the challenge and the cards are fantastic - check them out on the Daring Cardmakers Blog - and then visit the personal blogs for more photos of the fab cards, and all the stories behind them- there were a lot of gggrrrrr moments with this dare!

Both Kel and Jane are feeling really "under the weather" at the moment so lots of Get Well Soon wishes and hugs to you both - hope you're both feeling much better soon.


Rhi said...

Fab cards Kathy, I love the bright colours on the orange and pink one, really funky. I can't believe you managed two, one was plenty for me :)

Rhi x

Gillian Hamilton said...

Cheating... who's cheating...LOL!!!

Very pretty girly cards Kathy.. I esp love the orange and pink one.. and what a clever girl you are then making two cards.. like Rhi one was plenty for me too.. :o)

maggieb said...

Great cards Kathy nice & bright

Sam Morris said...

Show off....LOL!!

Fantastic colour combinations on both...luurrrve the first one especially ;o) fab layout with just ribbons and feathers for the design!!

Lythan said...

Clever girl kathy (even with the cheating!) love that pink and orange combo

mamaluke said...

Ooh, love the feathers blooms and the colour combos!

annikki said...

What a bad luck, but what a clever use of your items.
I cheated and didn't put glitter glue on, (had THE fight couble of weeks ago!) and now I find someone who free willy used it and thinks she is cheating... You must be jokeing! :)

Janine said...

oh i like pink and orange together and I was holding my breath at the feathers but wow it comes together so well...goregous as is your second card.

Rachel said...

Ooooh the feathers really suit your style Kathy - You got me thinking about using them in flower layers now - mmmmm pwitty!!! Rachel

Rosie said...

I'm off to have a go at this one tomorrow as Kathy posted the challenge on the Bubbly Funk site for us ladies there to have a go at too.

Will post my results on my blog and onto the BF Gallery when done.

Love your cards Kathy!

Tammy said...

Oh I LOVE the feathers these cards are just beautiful!

Sarah said...

Great cards Kathy, Love the colours.

Rainowgirl said...

Well Kathy - difficult challenge or not it has been a real success. Orange and pink together I love and also mauves and purples. My sorts of colours. I love them both.

Well done


Susan said...

From here it looks like those cards were meant to be! Love the flowers and feathers together. It would have been very hard indeed not to put pretties in the middle of the flowers! I think you are very clever.

Paula said...

My favourite is the lilac one but that orange feather draws my eyes.
Sorry I haven't been here before, I went AWOL from the blog scene a while.

Jayrewcraft said...

Gosh, you had a tough one! But well done, I love the colours on both cards and the texture of the feathers must be lovely.

Jayne xx

Bex said...

Well done Kathy - Have to say If I had drawn feathers I would have cheated and pretended I hadn't!
Lovely cards as usual xx

Love Bex

Rosie said...


Have to post that I LOVE your blog's new layout and colours - your header is absoloutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Wow just gorgeous cards, I love, love, love the orange one. Just beautiful.

Have a great week.

Carole. x

Jo said...

2 really fabby cards - It was a really hard dare, just glad that the only things I added to my list were things that i wanted to use lol! Beautiful cards :)

jo xx

Rainowgirl said...

Just realised I had already taken a look. Still like them both at the second viewing. You are really into these blooms aren't you. I've never tried them. Must have a go.


Frog said...

Gorgeous cards again Kathy, love the new look blog.

Andrea xxx