Thursday, October 19, 2006

You'll just have to take my word for it...

I've had a very productive day on the craft front.

Made something for a friend's birthday, and a gift box and tag for it, and almost completed the Birthday card to go with it. Pictures to follow at a later date - just in case she's being a Nosey Moo.

Hopefully tomorrow I can give serious thought to the next LO for the baby scrapbook - that's a scrapbook about a baby, not a teeny weeny baby sized one :-)

Also need to get started on my card order, I've got visitors next week so playtime will be limited.

One of the cards I have to do is an Engagement card. I'd forgotten about this one, made a year or so ago for a good friend of mine, I quite like it so I might do something similar for this order.

Sometimes it's good to go through the photos of the cards I've made in the past, more often than not I think "Crikey, did I really make that hideous thing" but every now and then you come across something you were really happy with and had totally forgotten about.

Haven't noticed many people taking photos of their messy craft rooms. So maybe it's just me and Paula who are the Messy Moos.....yeah right!


maggie said...

Kathy i know what you mean about cards you made AAGGEESS ago.I to think OMG did i really make that it looks c**p but looked good at the time.I love the card its beautiful.

Janine said...

dont get me wrong my space is a pig sty and I deal with that by closing the Love that card you made. I take photos of cards I make too so I can remember what I have done.....I had a wee giggle about the baby albumas opposed to a small album...

LisaBabe said...

Lovely card, Kathy. I love the text paper.


Rachel said...

fab card Kathy, and Ill go and take that piccie right now hehe, as for being a virgo - shame on you hehe your letting us fellow virgos down (wink)

I periodcally go throu my old stock and think OMG did I make that, and either take it to bits and salvage what I can or give it to Charlotte to play with hehe