Tuesday, October 03, 2006

French Escapade; Arcachon pt 2

AyAy As usual Blogger didn't want to upload all the photos on one message (it's always the last one it doesn't want to know...)

So a second helping is needed to show Arcachon's most bizarre claim to fame. See the photo? It's not the Sahara, and it's not just a beach. These are photos of Europe's highest sand dune, the Dune de Pyla. It's about 3km long and apparently creeps eastwards by around 4.5m every year. My guide book says it's already swallowed up trees, a road junction and even a hotel

These photos were taken from the base of the dune - no way was I going to hike to the top like those tiny figures you can see if you look closely!

I took the third photo when we were on the boat trip around the bay. That big thing behind the trees isn't a ski slope but this mamoth pile of sand - it's not a brilliant pic but it gives a bit more of an idea as to just how huge the dune is.

Mad, eh?


Anonymous said...

oh wow, I am amazed at that sand dune happening, rather scary to think it moves that fast across the land.
gorgeous photos again, what a wonderful holiday.

Jane said...

mad alright ! thats one massive dune !