Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Crossing things off the list

Food shopping done
Cards for new Dare done
Clean house sort of done
Make up Guest room done
washing forgot to get it out of machine
ironing not finished
wrap Christmas presents (sad, but true) not done
scrapbook page not a hope
Write the letter that's been waiting all week next on the list, I promise
Feed Hubby might have to be pizza
Clean mucky mark off lounge carpet done
Go to post box ok ok I've got to write the letter first....
Put bins out later alright?

I've been busy trying to get organised as we've visitors coming tomorrow for a few days stay.

So it's been a rush around doing shopping, house cleaning and the usual washing and ironing routine - plus getting ready for Friday's new Daring Cardmakers challenge as who knows what time I'll have to play with paper while my rellies are here. If you've not already shown us your card for the Friends theme, please give it a try, we'd love to see your work.

Must have been something in the air yesterday because I even managed to get another couple of Christmas cards made - the first for a couple of weeks - I'm really not doing well with these, reminder to self; must try harder.
I bought a couple of PaperMania Christmas paper packs (8x8, 100 sheets each) a week or so ago. The paper isn't as heavy as I like, but it's fine for Christmas cards and the colours and designs are nice. I used a couple on these cards. The bauble is a Bosskutz die, edged with silver krylon and topped with some of that wonderful Glossy Accents. I put a swirl of glitter on first for one of them but forgot that bit on the other! The silvery stuff was in a mixed pack of similar stuff - it's really pretty with a stitched swirl plus little dots of glitter.

No way will I get another scrapbook page done now, so that'll be another one to put off till next week.

Lovely sunny day here today - chilly but very bright. Next boring housey task - put the bins out. Gosh it's just a never ending whirr of excitement around here isn't it?

Any of you UK readers who know where I can get small plain silver cross charms (for Christening cards etc) or that thick handmade paper that usually comes in big sheets (wrapping paper sized) in white, please give me a shout!


Janine said...

wow busty list there Kathy!! Feels good to cross things off doesn't it? Wow at your xmas cards I haven't started yet...arrrghhhh. I love purple and silver together and the is the colour I normally decorate the tree, this year I am going to do pink and silbver....

Rachel said...

Hi Kathy - what a list, and if it makes you feel better the chrimbo pressies Ive bought to date are all wrapped hehe - got to try and keep some normality around here. Hope you enjoy your time with your guests and those chrimbo cards are lovely. I managed to make 4 yesterday with your old templates, so thanks for those.

Lynda said...

You are do good at ticking things off your list.

I am going to do my card tomarrow.I just have to get it out of my head and on to the cardstock.LOL

Jane said...

oooh Kathy ! some list ! but you've done well. note to myself......its Wednesday here and I still haven't got a card to show ! eek !

Paula said...

Love the Christmas cards. I just can't bring myself to think about it yet. I have a thank You card to make for my sister as she paid for the wedding accomodation at the castle!!!! I think I saw a sketch on your blog I might borrow. I'll let you see the results if I pull it off!!!!!

Debbie said...

Kathy - what a list!!!!!!!!

Love the Xmas cards - I have those Papermania packs - like you say a bit thin but I actually like the designs and they work out something ridiculous like 6p a sheet! I actually used the star ones for a 21st Birthday card :-)

Have a fun time with your visitors :-)

marsha said...

YOur list of things to do sounds just like me...only I'm thinkin you are a bit more organized. :)