Friday, October 20, 2006

Ohhhhhhhh It's live at last

Dare Blogs

The scrapbookers have them - lots of them, so why not cardmakers?

Today at 10am our Brand New Blog went live. I'd like to introduce
The Daring Cardmakers a wonderful new place for all crafty bloggers to hang out.
The whole thing started a few weeks ago with an idea from Jane - why couldn't cardmaker's have some fun with dares and challenges like the scrapbookers do?

So here we are, a team of Cardmaking Bloggers from the UK and NZ (next, The World!) keen to challenge each other and the whole blogging world to come and have a go at our Dares.

Our first Dare is up and running and our own efforts are now on show. We hope that you'll like the idea and feel inspired and challenged to get involved.

Looking forward to seeing your cards.

1 comment:

Janine said...

well done ladies.......awesome effort..