Thursday, July 24, 2008

Secret Stuff and the New Boys in the House

Just a quick post before I get on with today's "to do" list.

I finished making most of my stuff for the beautiful August BF kit yesterday so will be able to give some little peeks at what I've done soon. As always there are lovely, inspiring things in the box - buy this kit and your creativity can't fail but take flight!

On the Bubbly Funk forum they are a very charitable bunch and there are a couple of different fundraising projects on the go at the moment. I've mentioned the "Think Pink" sale on here before (all donations of handmade cards and goodies will be very gratefully received) - this is in aid of Breast Cancer Care but there's also a Crafty Calendar project being developed that will raise money for Action for ME
The calendar will be in paper and electronic formats and feature monthly craft projects. There'll be more info about this later in the year - but the contributors have been working hard over the last few weeks as the end of July deadline for getting stuff to the printers suddenly jumped up and poked us all into action!
If you promise not to tell Janice, who's organising all of this I'll show a couple of sneak peeks of my project.....

There you go - those pics don't give much away so I think I'm safe. I'm not saying that Janice is scary or anything.....

Sadly, no more crafty makes that I can show at the moment so instead I'll show a photo of a couple of little chaps who've come to live with me
Yep, TWO new little doiggies, and their bags arrived last week. The little green doggie has his very own shopping bag which all folds up into a cute round squishy bag - a lot prettier and less boring than taking a bundle of old carrier bags every time I go into town. Well, that's my excuse anyway. The other bag isn't pink bth it's ivory. But it does look more pink than ivory tbh!

I liked the colours of the spotty panel at the top.
And I deserved a treat.
So there.

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Hazel said...

Ooooo I love sneak peeks. And the bags are pretty cool!

Traceyr said...

Janice is scary - well she frightens me anyway.

Oi Kathy I thought we were going to get me a Radley bag next? Or is the green one mine? LOL

Traceyr :)

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Oh Kathy! The dawgies would much rather live with me mwahahaha!

Net said...

Loving the 'man' carrots Kathy! Does your tree have spikes on the branches? Is so it might be a Robinia or a False Acacia. We have one and its pretty but messy in the autumn!

Anonymous said...

I love the look of the sneak peeks!! :)

Those doggies look rather cute! :)


Karen said...

Awe...I LOVE the pink soooo jealous! X

Jozza said...

*gasp* I adore Radley bags! They are soooo beautiful :o)

Sneak peeks look fab!


Sam said...

oooh!! new Radleys - you lucky girl Kathy!!