Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Glass of Chilled White Wine

Been working pretty hard today, so I deserve it.

I've made a couple of mini lasagnes and eaten mine - Hubby's out at archery and can have his when he gets home (I can't wait that long!) so now I've got a few quiet minutes to update my blog and maybe even I'll have time to do a bit of blog-hopping too.

At last the sunshine has come back and the last couple of days have been lovely, warm and sunny - not too keen on the wind though as it really makes my hatfever flare up something chronic.
Our veg patch (or patches as it's become) is doing nicely. We've already had a few peas and beans and there are quite a lot more that'll be ready soon. On Sunday Hubby pulled the first of the carrots. Yes, well, I think "interesting" is the best word to describe these!

The tomatoes "farm" is doing okay. I think we were a bit slow with our planting as our tomatoes are only just starting to grow. But we are going to have lots of them - got a bit carried away there and I think we've got somewhere in the region of 15 or 16 plants - I know it takes ages to water them all!

In our little greenhouse we have peppers, chillis and aubergines (have I ever mentioned that I LOVE the word aubergine? It's SUCH a lovely word to roll around on your tongue.....), we have loads of courgette plants in the ground and this one in a pot (we're experimenting to see which works best) we've already had one courgette to eat and here's another almost ready - and yes, I know the photo looks a bit...well.....you know....

In the veg patch "proper" the peas and beans are doing well and everything else seems to be growing well too - I like peas and beans because you can see what's happening without needing to dig anything up!
Hubby's also planted some rhubarb (so I can make him rhubarb crumble, apparently!) and that's really doing well now - though we can't crop that till next year - thats the rhubarb on the right - just in case you thought it was just some weeds!

We "inherited" a honeysuckle on the pergola which is lovely when it's in flower in the spring, but then for the rest of the year it looks like a dead thing, so last year I planted a passion flower to grow up through it and hopefully take over looking pretty when the honeysuckle gives up.
It seems to be doing really well and there are loads of buds on it, and this one brave flower.

And lastly for my garden diary today ;-) I took this photo looking straight up through the branches of one of the trees in our garden. It's a very beautiful tree, with lovely pale gree leaves. The branches are quite fine and they let a dappled light through rather than making too much shade. We haven't a clue what it is so are there any tree experts out there who'd like to enlighten us?
I've got a list of crafty tasks as long as my arm - nothing new there then. I do love doing them all but I have a horrible habit of getting to this point in the month and suddenly realising how very behind I am. So I've been trying to work a bit quicker and get things done. I'll save a couple of sneak peeks for tomorrow of a project I've finished today, but here's one of two boy cards I made yesterday - I forgot to photograph the other one, but it's almost the same - it's got a cut out aeroplane on it instead of the rocket. I really fail to get excited at amking blokey cards.
The papers are from Crate's Zoom collection and the rocket is a template I made for the robo. I printed the greeting on the pc and added the name with rub-ons.
This is another glimpse of a sneakie that I showed the other day - I hadn't done the inside at that point, but it's all finished now. Do you know what it is yet? hehehehe

All for this time you'll be glad to hear - that's if you made it to the end at all...........

Thanks for looking, please come back again soon


Jozza said...

Wow you've been busy, Your veggie's look amazing (although I did lol at the mutant carrots hehe).

Great boy card and your other project looks simply divine!


Angelnorth said...

Your veggies seem to be doing well. I like peas and beans for the same reason as you! Your sneak peek - looks like it could be one of your famous maze books, methinks! Looks like fun, whatever it is!

kathj said...

the passion flower is something else isint it! Very funny looking carrots though, guess you cant have everything!

Smileygem said...

Dont worry - our carrots were like that last year! (O: They tasted nice thought

Lythan said...

Sorry about the "hatfever" Kathy - you have to watch your "cap"illeries. I'll be trying to think up puns all day now. I love that rocket card btw. And your garden is full of delights. We had home grown potatoes last night (PHil grew them in bags). V delish!

Karen said...

You have such a lovely garden Kathy....you are soo lucky! Mens cards are so difficult aren't they but you have done a grand job. As for the sneaky peek.....come to Momma lol X

All Pink girl said...

Wow how good are you veggies and cards ,
no normal carrots at your house even they have a creative look about them lolxxx
love your cards as always ,Dawnxxx

Lisa said...

Fab veggie pics Kathy : )
lis xx

Susan (Sue H) said...

The garden is looking very 'delicious' Kathy.
You have been busy but I think you may have a little trouble scraping those carrots.......can’t say I’ve every seen them in Sainsbury’s looking like that!