Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ooops Bad Blogger!

I've not been very good at updating my blog over the last few days. Got a "to do" list as long as my arm which has been keeping me too busy to sit down and write about the stuff I've actually ticked off said list!

So I thought I'd upload a few pics now before I get started on the next item on the list.

It's Crafty Templates time again and this month Leo sent some really fab templates for me to play with; cute cherry cupcake cards, some sunny themed templates and even some cute-as-you-like templates for making a couple of teeny weeny explosion boxes.

The Goodies Kit tha's available to buy alongside the templates is filled with lovely cupcake and icecream themed papers, bright coloured card, beads, brads, ribbon and a peice of fuzzy-wuzzy pink card which is verrrrry yummy indeed!
Check out the Crafty Templates website and blog for more info about the Template Set and the Goodies Kit - oh and the "Colourins" that have recently been added to the Crafty Template repetoire.....

Here are some photos of one of the mini explosion box templates available this month

This box is just right for putting a small gift in, but I decided to make another tiny box with my Craft Robo put in the middle - it could hold one luxurious chocolate, or maybe some earrings or a bracelet if I ever get round to making some jewellery again!

Next is the ice-cream sundae card - I know today's weather might make a big mug of hot chocolate more appealing, but you can't have it all, can you? There's supposed to be a sprinkling of pink embossing powder on the top of the "icecream" but I think the powder I used might be "past it's sell by date" as the pink looks a bit murky - sorry about that, but I couldn't rectify the situation as I didn't have anything else to use - I'll sort it out before I use the card though!

More tomorrow.
Thanks for looking,


Sue said...

Wow kathy i love that ice cream sundae template. I can just imagine it full of neopolitan ice cream - yummy!
Sue x

kathj said...

stunning work, I love the way you have used the icecream paper I have some of that myself!

Karen said...

What an amazing template for the sundae dish! You have really done it justice too Kathy! The exploding box??? Well its just lush! X

Angelnorth said...

Cute wee box, it would make a lovely gift in its own right! Teh sundae card looks fab, too! Could you sprinkle some iridescent glitter over the EP to lighten the effect, maybe?

tracy said...

i love the exploding boz kathy,and that sundae card it a great idea :) something a bit different:)

asia wu said...

I love card's shape and colours you used, great summery design.