Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Seaside Jaunt, A Card and An Apology!

For ages now we've been saying we should go to the "Festival of Speed" at Goodwood. This year we finally booked our tickets, we decided to book only for the Friday when we thought it would be quieter and thus easier to see everything, but to make a weekend of it and spend some time by the sea. We ended up staying in Worthing, which is only about half an hour's drive from Goodwood - maybe a bit more when thousands of people are also going there though! We'd got Grandstand tickets which meant we could use any of the Grandstands along the hill climb - perfect for shorties like me - normally I can't see anything and get really bored, but this time I could not only see everything but had a bit of shelter should the promised shower materialise. Hubby loves fast cars and bikes - any motorsport on the tv and he's happy. A few years ago he realised his dream of owning a Ferrari - but not content with just owning it, he had to take it to track days - now I'm a worrywort of the highest order and these days filled me with panic and dread. But I decided that it was better to join in so did have my own skidlid and went out on track with him. We've been to several of the British circuits; Brands Hatch, Donnington etc but my fave was Silverstone - though that might have been that the club could use the nice comfy facilities above the pit lane where it was warm and there were comfy seats, coffee and a good view.... Anyway, I digress. Goodwood is great fun, there are old cars, new cars, famous cars and silly cars, plus a smattering of bikes in there for good measure. Whilst a lot are just there for looking at and chatting about, lots are also there for a sort of race. It's a timed hill climb - not all of those who do the climb are racing, probably most of them are there just for the fun of it, but it's a really fun event and worth considering if anyone in your family likes cars and bikes!
Licensed to Thrill...

Rally Drivers do it with dust

Whacky Racers

Lean Green Mean Machine


This is what a car looks like at the end of Le Mans

this is what a car looks like when you drive into bales of hay instead of driving around the bends.....

If you or yours like bikes, or even if you just want to see something crazy - watch this little

A couple of "makes"
I've made this card with chipboard and grungeboard sent to me by NickyNoo in a recent Chipboard Swap on JB forum. Not only did you have to send some chippie to your partner but you actually had to use it too. shock horror - not allowed to just squirrel it away! I think I'm probably about the last to get mine done - nothing new there then!
I've made this with our upcoming 15th wedding anniversary in mind, but although I quite like it, I may end up making something else anyway, you know how these things are!
Base card and gold stardream card are from PDA, I embossed the edge of the card and one of the hearts with my new hearts Cuttlebug embossing folder. I had to mix up some of my cheapo acrylic paints to get the colour to match the base card - I think that took the longest time, well along with trying to paint the gold Krylon ink on neatly with one of those little nib things from Ranger. I coloured the paper too with a watered down version of the hearts paints - it started off in lovely light brown shades, but just didn't look right with the other colours I wanted to use. It's actually one of the Now and Forever papers from Imaginisce, having coloured it red the words didn't show up very well so I ended up going over those too.

And this is just a detail from something I've made for a friend's birthday present - I've not sent it yet and it's late, so if you are reading this (I think you'll know who you are......) I'm very very very sorry to be so late, but it'll be on it's way today, I promise......


Angelnorth said...

Oooh, your anniversary card looks really rich and opulent, love it!

Karen said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great time. J would love this:he has 4 ancient bikes in the cellar just waiting to be done up!!!!

I love the richness of the card...lush X

Hazel said...

Great sneak peek - look forward to seeing more of it. And I do love that anniversary card - very classy

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Anniversary card and cant wait to see more of your sneak peek item!

kathj said...

wow a beautiful card!

tracy said...

great piccies of the cars :)

loving your card too,very rich looking:)
look forward to seeing the rest of your late pressie too :)