Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Going Round in Circles

Here are some photos of a couple Circle Journal layouts Ive been working on recently.

The first one is all about our creations, be it crafty or otherwise. I'm not actually sure if this is the best thing I've ever made, but it was certainly the one which at the time caused me the most stress! It was one of the garments I made for my A Level coursework and I had no idea just how complicated it would be to make when I read the brief and made my drawings and patterns.
I'd done all the embroidery as it's done on the reverse of the sheer fabric and I can still remember the panic when the french seams I'd planned to use just wouldn't lie flat on the curved shape. The fabric had been really expensive and now not only was I facing having to do all that embroidery again, but also having to ask my parents for money to buy more material. Fortunately my teacher saved the day and suggested doing "run and fell" seams. I had to unpick those I'd already done, but at least I didn't need to start all over again. I machined all the seams but then had to neaten every single inch of them by hand.
There were 27 covered buttons and rouleau loop fastenings, the sleeve edges were hand finished with different decorative hemming for each fabric, and working with two different fabrics one over the other was a nightmare from start to finish.
Despite all the hassles and difficulties I got there in the end and maybe that's why I think this was my greatest creation - maybe it's the triumph over adversity thing!

The second of the CJs has a theme of Seasons. I couldn't decide whether Spring or Summer was my favourite, but in the end I went with Spring - because it holds the promise of Summer.
I don't really like the Winter, and although Autmn can be beautiful and the weather can be pretty good, there's the old bug-bear of the nights drawing in and the days getting shorter and shorter. Those of you who know me already know that I find that time of the year a real trial.
So Spring it had to be really!

I made this card for a challenge on JB forum. The fabby NickyNoo asked us to use her card for a copycat cardlift - so not just using design elements from her card - this time we had to make a direct copy of her card, though obviously choosing our own papers, colours etc.
This is my cardThe papers are from the the gorgeous "Nancy" collection by Dream Street Papers. The colours are soft and rather subdued and the designs are lovely.
I think this card is OK but needs a bit of a "tweak" - so it might have a revamp and be back on here later.
A new idea for yet another reality show "Celebrity Card Makeover" perhaps? aaaggghhhh

I'm off now to bang my head against the wall for a bit.........


Karen said...

Thank goodness for run and fell seams eh!!! Did you get a good grade hon???

Lovely work as always. Hope your head clears soon X

Angelnorth said...

Ooooh, your first CJ entry brought back memories of hemming the gown I made for my very first formal 'ball' event - definitely more work than envisaged when I picked the pattern! Great idea for a CJ entry - love it! Love the papers for your cardlift too, great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Fab CJ entries Kathy - lovely card too.....x