Monday, November 27, 2006

Yesterday's Little Visitor

Hubby glanced out of the window on his way out to an archery event yesterday and saw this little chap digging holes in the grass. The archery had to wait a while so that he could get the camera out and take some photos. It's the first time we've noticed a woodpecker - at least that's what we think it is - in the garden. He stuck aaround for a while, I don't think the other birds were very impressed with our visitor though. Between us we took about 70 photos, a lot of mine had the end of his tail on as he teneded to hop just as I clicked! Last week we had a new fence upt up along the drive so hopefully that'll put an end to the hedge attacking the car every time we reverse out of the garage. Also got a nice new gate for the other side of the house, a great improvement on the tatty fence panel that used to do the job.
Put the curtain pole up in the dining room, it had to go into the ceiling so let's just hope that when we get the new curtains and hang them the whole lot doesn't fall down on our heads. Today the new curtains for our bedroom arrived. As did a nice little package of paper, inks and some Twinkling H20s from
Stamp Galaxy - like I've got time to play!
Did a few more Christmas cards with doodled frames. I'm not keen on the red one, funny how the black ink just looks so much better.

This morning I've been working on my DT card for Friday's challenge for The Daring Cardmakers, I had a bit of a panic over the weekend when I was beginning to despair of having any idea at all. Seemed an easy-ish Dare when it was issued, but then reality set in and inspiration ran out - very speedily indeed! Mucho relief when an idea came to roost, but of course you'll just have to wait till Friday to see it.

Next on the "to do" list is a birthday card for MIL - I have NO idea what I'm going to do All I can think of at the moment is Christmas Cards. I've also just got an order for 3 cards and a photo album to do at some point too, all needed before Christmas, and a 4th card for just after. Not sure I can cope with it all.......... :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy - interesting bird. We tend to get a lot of magpies around near us (which kind've makes sense seeing as the next biggest city to us is Newcastle and NUFC aka the Magpies). Nope, I'm not into footie but have years of it wth my dad and brother!

Great cards - I reaaly must get my mojo back and actually do something, anything...

Paula said...

Hi Kathy it is definately a woodpecker.
Love the cards. And, no matter how many xmas decorations I make I will remain unbalanced foreva!!!!
I think it either goes hand in hand with crafting or Jetski's!!
Incidentally, the lady who works with me does archery & they have just set up a website called The 100 yard club. I must sort out a link for my blog.

Gillian Hamilton said...

How cute is 'Woody the woodpecker' I love birds, we have a feeder on our back deck and get lots of beautiful parrots come and feed there.. Great photo by the way...
Your amazing with your doodling... you go girl... very nice cards...I still haven't made a single christmas card.. DCM are much more fun.... :o)

Joanne Bain said...

Hi Kathy
Love your christmas cards they are beautiful. So that is what a woodpecker looks like...mmmm never seen one before.
Have a great day

Janine said...

Wow love the cool. I agree your cards are cool and I still haven't made mine yet. Although I ordered the photos online last night and will pick them up in a few days. I finally found some inspiration for Fridays challenge...hope to get them done and dusted tonight.

Anonymous said...

You must be Kathyb from Craftsbycarolyn!! I wonder how you came across my blog?? I used to post there a long while back but had to make a choice between which Card site I would regularly post too. So thanks for your visit anyway and I have put the other blog in my favs and might just join in with your dares now and again!! Is the one from Friday still open?

Jo said...

Fabby picture of Woody :) we just attract badgers and foxes in our garden. Love your Christmas Cards. I really must get started at some point!!

jo xx

Maisymary's Findings said...

Ooo these are darling ! Adorable ! lol

Anonymous said...

Love the woodpecker, we have a couple of residents here, they dont have the green bits though, theyre black white and red. What a fab pic, My photo's of birds always end up being a huge shot of lawn/trees/sky with the teeniest out of focus bird somewhere in the middle.

More Christmas cards! Wow!

Rhi x