Monday, November 06, 2006


Back on the seemingly never-ending Curtain track (haha pardon the pun...) we went to one of the nearby towns where there is a good curtain /interiors shop and spoke to a lovely and very knowledgable lady about our curtain problem. Anyway, upshot is that it's all much more positive than the last outing, and she's coming over on Tuesday to have a look in situ, so to speak. Fingers crossed, because I'm getting bored with this now!

It was a lovely sunny Autumn day yesterday, we were up and about early for once, did some Christmas shopping at one of the local garden centres, then headed for St. Ives where Hubby had noticed there was a car he wouldn't mind seeing (yes, we're still on the car-buying trail). However, sneakily the road we usually use to get there was closed and we found ourselves going in the wrong direction - so we gave up as we were running out of time to get there and back. Hubby was out doing some archery in the afternoon - it's what they call a "frostbite" - they shoot outdoors once a month through the winter and hubby uses the longbow for this. His exxcuse is that a longbow takes no putting together/taking apart - a great benefit on chilly days!

November 5th was not only my cousin's birthday but it
was Guy Fawkes Night too. No bonfire (well apart from the little one when they managed to set light to the football pitch....)and no Guy Fawkes on top of it, but plenty of pretty pretty fireworks to ooooh and aaaah at the display we went to. Not even that cold either. Remembering back to having fireworks in the garden when I was little and living in Northumberland, we'd be well wrapped up in big coats, hats, scarf and gloves and still feel the chill. but last night I had my gloves on but didn't even need to fasten my coat!

Home by 8 and some nice M&S food for dinner. A good day.


Janine said...

Love the photos of the fireworks, awesome photos....

LisaBabe said...

Love the fireworks photos Kathy

Rachel said...

great firework piccies