Thursday, November 02, 2006

Quick quick....

Catching up while Blogger is behaving properly!
Had a lovely time with my aunt and uncle when they came over for a few days stay on their way home from visiting Baby Grandson.
It meant I didn't get much crafting done, but spending time with them is much more important, and we always enjoy their visits. My cousin lives just along the A1 from here so he came over after work on Friday to spend the weekend here too.
As usual their visit involved a tour of local garden centres, a bit of other shopping and an English Heritage or National Trust site, this time Shaw's Corner at Ayot St Lawrence.

I've been wanting to try on some of these much acclaimed "crocs" shoe things for ages now - so was chuffed to find that the garden centre at Willington (Bedfordshire) has them. Couldn't quite get my head around the bright pink, considered the pretty lilac but in the end plumped for nice sedate navy blue. And here they are. Hubby says that if I paid more than £2.99 I was robbed and my aunt, uncle and cousin just looked, they were wearing that "I can't think what to say about those" faces. What do you think of the socks? they don't show up well but are pink, turquoise and white stripes and even have glitter thread in them.

We went to Ireland for lunch on Saturday, to the Black Horse, which is a rather nice "Dining Pub" in the middle of nowhere. That's Ireland, Bedfordshire by the way!. I had pork medallions in a creamy mustard sauce, then shared the Assiette of puddings with hubby - little sizes of white chocolate sorbet, baked cheesecake with summer fruits, steamed fudge pudding with butterscotch sauce and cherry brandy creme brulee. Oh boy how glorious were all of them!

A nice parcel arrived on Friday morning - some new stash from Crafty Pastimes. I only went to order some little silver charms, but somehow a load of Angel Kisses flowers, some tiny ricrac braid, and this lovely pack of papers from Prima fell into my basket. Now how did that happen?


Anonymous said...

Yummy papers Kathy, funny how things just fall into your basket eh! As for the croc cynics, you'll be the one laughing when they have bunions from their uncomfortable shoes.. and theyre cool!

Paula said...

I think them there crocs are super cool!!!
Products always jump in my basket & laugh at me when I reach the till..

Janine said...

oh errrrrr love the paper and angel kisses? they sound cool. Lol welcome to the croc/frog rocks lol Me and Jane love our pink at you going with asedate colour and the relatives faces must have been a classic.

LisaBabe said...

Love the papers, Kathy.

;D won't mention the crocs, although I never get sore feet anyway (well apart from some ridiculous heels if I wear them for more than 3 hours)