Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Getting there

I've done them! Yes, thanks to a bit of nagging and a tight time schedule I knuckled down and got the birthday card for my cousin Colin done - always a difficult one to make, that one is! As it's his birthday on Sunday I really did need to get something made!
The message reads: "Is this card Cheesy or what?"
I raided the freezer for a pizza box, then scanned and printed off a couple of copies on card. One was used as the base card, the other I cut up to add some dimension. I used the slice, plus a few bits of pepperoni and stuck them on with foam tape. Adding some good old Glossy Accents has made the pepperoni look scarily real....

I also made a card for one of my uncles who celebrates his 80th birthday next week.

I was a bit stuck for ideas so in the end resorted to using photographs (often the way I resolve difficult card issues!). So this one has some of our Northumberland photos on. He left the north many years ago and doesn't get up "home" very often anymore so hopefully he'll like seeing these pics.
I'll leave it at that for now and see if any of the NBL contingent can identify the places - answers on a postcard.....or just in the comments bit will do :-)

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janice h said...

Really like the 'cheesy card'. What a great idea.