Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Monday

Our new sofas are ready! They are at the showroom and ready for delivery, we could have had them on Saturday but as the lounge is already full of sofas they are going to be delivered on Thursday instead. So yesterday saw us putting the old chair in the guestroom and the sofa bed up in the spare room. Sounds easy? Not a bit of it. It was far too heavy for us to get up the stairs - which btw have a "dog leg" half way up. Hubby decided to take the metal bed frame bit out of the sofa so that made getting it upstairs much easier. Next problem was getting it into the room - would it go? Not without a fight. We ended up taking the door off and still it was a struggle - all a problem of angles - or lack of them. Oh the feeling of triumph (and relief) when we found the right way up the sofa had to be to go into the room.
We now only have our tiny sofa till the new stuff arrives - and then we have to figure out what to do with that, but we'll put that one off for a few days.

The TV has been moved to other side of the fireplace, but as we're not sure if this format will work, it's just sort of sitting there, with all the wires across the floor - looks really pretty and organised - not! It's a bit like the chaos of "just moved in" all over again. Hey it'll be nice when it's finished. I hope.

After a bit of a struggle I finally managed to make the waterfall book I've been playing with for the last few days. I did what I should have done in the first place, make a "dummy" version with bits of blank card just to see how it worked - it was so easy once I'd done this that I'm cross at having spent so long reading and re-reading and trying to work it out without actually sticking it together. I hope the recipient will like it and see through the imperfections, because this little book took a lot of time, effort and determination - plus a little bit of temper and foot stamping before it was done! Pictures to follow!
I've also got one of Beckie's Delicious Bagalicious Bags almost done. This I will fill with bits and pieces for a birthday present for one of the December birthdays we seem to have so many of - rather inconsideratly, I can't help feeling.
More of that later too.


Paula said...

I got a brand new sofa a few months ago. My friend said she wanted the old one & I begged the rather nice young men to take it downstairs (I live above a printers shop) It is still sat in my hall annoying me daily!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I so know what you mean about the horror of moving sofas, best of luck with it all! Love the bag and the waterfall book, both stunningly gorgeous as always :D Rhi xxx

Janine said...

lol at all the couch moving "sigh" glad it was you and not me....oh well the cool thing is you will have two new sofas...