Friday, July 14, 2006

Who, How, Where?

A pretty quiet week here in WaffleWorld so I'll do a bit of a roundup here and in the crafty show off posting to follow!!.
Blog News:
I've added a counter to my blog (thanks Jane) which shows where visitors are coming from, it's really interesting to see the countries represented and I'd really like for you to leave a message letting me know who you are, how you came across my blog and where you're located - so please, if you pop in let me know!

Met up with Clare for coffee and lunch at one of the Garden Centres not too far away from here which has the added attraction of a Craft Central Craftshop within...
We both managed to spend a bit of cash which is always a fun way to spend an hour, plus enjoyed a good old gossip over cappuccino and a sandwich and a little browse among the non-crafty stuff too. I still find it so amazing to have made so many friends via a craft forum, and am so lucky in that several of us live near enough for us to meet up regularly just for a coffee or lunch.
I was naughty and ordered a lovely load of 12x12 paper from the other day and that yesterday, they have a big selection of papers, worth a look if you need a bit of Retail Therapy of the paper kind. Are you listening Lythan?
The horsey one is earmarked for some sort of project for niece Issy's Christmas present - not ddecided what yet though. I thought I'd put it in the centre especially for Lucy to see :)


Debbie said...

How come's you just added your counter and you're showing loads of visitors already - my blog must be so boring! LOL Love the new papers :-)

Janine said...

Janine from NZ reporting in lol

Lucylou said...

awwwww, have only just seen this- gorgeous papers.

Don't forget a v important B'day in September too!!!!