Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Circle Journal

A group of us are having a go at our very first circle journals - we are all total novices and I think we were all completely be-fuzzled by the format etc to begin with - it all seemed incredibly complicated........or maybe we're just thick?

Anyway, there are two groups participating and as one has 5 members and the other only 4 some of us are on our last entries and the other group still has another one after this - clear as mud, eh?

I'm in the group with just 4 people and even though I was petrified at the outset, I must admit that I've really really enjoyed doing this and can't wait to get my own book back and see what the other's have done with my theme.

As we're trying to keep things secret until all are complete then have a mass unveiling I'm not about to spill the beans on here. It's just that I finally had an idea for my pages in Susan's book and have made a start this afternoon. It's quite exciting when the germ of an idea comes to mind after a couple of weeks of nothing - so exciting that I felt compelled to share!
Of course, whether it actually works out as planned in my poor old noddle remains to be seen.
And you lot will just have to wait to find out too!

We've not stressed out over this, we've given ourselves loads of time and then some! I think they (CJs) are usually done on a tighter timescale than we've done, but this was just for fun and the experience of doing something new, so we took a nice leisurely hippy approach to time. Yeah Man.


Janine said...

cjs are great. I remember that feeling when I took part in my first one lol. Now I am on my fourth and no longer feel what way lol. Can't wait to see the big unveiling.

Kel said...

I'm so excited to see all the completed journals, even though I'm in the larger group and as organiser have made everyone wait until they're all complete before the big reveal *evil laugh*! I know what you mean about seeing your 'germ' of an idea through to fruition :-)

Rachel said...

I cant wait to see all your work girls