Monday, July 17, 2006

Christmas in July

For Christmas we gave Charlie and Isabelle "A Big Day Out at Thorpe Park".
We did something similar a couple of years ago when we took them to Alton Towers, and had a great time even though the weather on that occasion was horrible. No such bother on Saturday though - we're in the middle of a heatwave and had glorious hot sunshine all day - check out the blue skies on the photos if you think England is always grey and wet!!!
We all had a fab time. I was Chief Photographer and Bag Holder" - or in reality, too chicken to go on the rides! Actually, I just love having them to myself for a while, and they are always so well-behaved when they go out with us. Going on the rides isn't my idea of fun so taking the kids gives Hubby a fantastic excuse to indulge his own liking for the roller coasters and other rides!

These photos are of the Detonator ride which Issy and Hubby went on. Check out Issy's face just as they hit the bottom!

Charlie and Hubby queued for an hour to go on "Rush". There are 2 giant swings but for some reason they were only using one - a bit irritating when the queues are so long for these things.
This ride goes soooo high, the picture on the left is of Charlie and Hubby hanging upside down over our heads! You'll just have to take my word for that as it's not the clearest photo as it was taken into the sun.

The only real downside was that the one ride I did go on - the Rapids; broke down while we were on it and everyone had to be "evacuated"! Our little boat was the last one to be evacuated and we ended up sitting out in the baking sun for an hour - I have the white lines where my sunnies were and the bright red nose to testify to it - despite the sunscreen we'd applied. Still we got some fast-track tickets to use on other rides because of this which meant that the kids were able to beat some of the really long queues later on.


Jane said...

oooh how cool ! What lovely memories for them to have.

Janine said...

Isn't that typical the ride you go on decides to break down!! Far out they are very game, cos those rides look scary.