Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Jane's Challenge

Gone on a blind date -NO
Skipped school - No, far too scared of getting caught!
Seen someone die -No, not actually in the same room.
Snuck out of your parent's house -No - my life wouldn't have been worth living if I'd got caught doing that!
Been in love- Yes
Been dumped - Yes and I didn't like it
Been laid off/fired - No
Quit your job Yes - I loved teaching, but hated all the rest so in the end it felt great to say "I quit"
Been in a fist fight?- No
Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back - Of course, ahh unrequited love *sighs*
Been to Canada -No
Been to Mexico -No, but one day....
Been on the opposite side of the world - Yes, we went all the way round, gained a day in the Cook Islands!
Been to Paris - Yes, Fell in love while I was there, too!
Cried yourself to sleep - More than once :(
Played cops and robbers -Yes
Recently coloured with crayons - No, should I have done?
Sang karaoke -No chance!
Paid for a meal with only coins - Not that I can remember, well maybe the odd sandwich if that counts?
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't -Yes
Made prank phone calls -No
Caught a snowflake on your tongue -Yes
Danced like nobody was watching - All my dancing is bad
Been kissed under the mistletoe -Yes
Watched the sun rise with someone you care about -Yes. Well, if you count those early morning aeroplane flights!
Blown bubbles - yes
Crashed a party - Possibly, but that would be while at college and hard to remember!
Gone roller-skating-Yes I just about lived on my skates as a kid!
Ice-skating -Yes, I fell over and got an enormous bruise on my knee
Crashed a car - No
Swam in the ocean -Yes - the North Sea, the Atlantic, The Pacific, The Indian Ocean, The Med.....
Felt like dying - Yes
Made a bonfire on the beach - Not exactly, someone else made the fire but we sat around one in the Maldives one night watching the lightning in the distance
Drank so much you threw up - No
Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose -No
Knitted ? -Yes
Skinny dipped ? No

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