Thursday, July 06, 2006

Apple Granny

Off out in a bit to meet Sue for coffee. She's got some paper for me from Sara - I was supposed to meet them on Tuesday but totally mucked up on the date and couldn't go after all, bummer because I've still not made it to the Paper Mill Shop that's in the Galleria now, quite apart from the fact that it could well be the last time Sara is able to meet us before her move over to Australia.
Anyway, it'll be good to meet Sue, and if Patrick's has their yummy Apple Granny in the cakes cabinet then I'll be very very tempted....

I've sorted out my new dies so Sue can have a look at what I've been acquiring lately - it wasn't till I went through the boxes to pick them out (and find the duplicate I bought by mistake which I've promised to Sue) that I realised just how many I've bought recently - I blame it on the CBC forum for letting me know about the bosskutz and the Ellison Thin cuts that I can use either in my QK or in my Sidekick. Just as well really as the recent QK releases have been seriously dull and disappointing. Hasn't stopped me placing an order with Scrapbook Express for a couple more - my excuse is I need them as I'm going to have a go at my first scrapbook. There, it's out in the big wide blogworld so you can all feel free to nag me about it till I actually get started. More on that project later I'm sure.

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Anita said...

So have you started your scrapbook yet? :P