Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hot Hot Hot

Jeepers but it's hot here today. I put the barometer on the patio table just out of interest, you know... I just went and had a look and it's reading off the scale! Not very scientific, but that made me gasp!

The weather forecast has just been on and they are talking 36 degrees for tomorrow. This is England for goodness sake.......
In the south-east they've got the gritting lorries on standby - not for frosts, but in case the tarmac on the roads starts to melt! It's hotter here than in Tenerife today.

We have no grass any more - just this sort of dead looking straw stuff. I've now been out and put as many of my potted plants as I can into deep seed tray things so that I can let them have enough water.

Hot weather gives a good excuse to indulge in a fave beveridge: I made a big jug of coffee this morning and have been using it to make iced coffee all day - pouring some into a tall glass, adding milk and ice and giving it a whizz - delish!

Kel and Jane, I'll get to your challenges sooooooooonnnnnn

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Janine said...

yummmmmmm at the Iced Coffee. You have a heatwave and we have continual rain!!