Friday, June 09, 2006

That was the week that was

Woohoo another lovely warm and sunny day, gosh that must be about 10 in a row, wow!
Unfortunately my hayfever has been particularly bad the last couple of days and has sent me running indoors to nice dark rooms while my poor eyes settle down and stop watering like crazy.
Anyway, it's Friday and what have I done this week? Not a lot to be honest. Sue came round for coffee on Tuesday, I gave her the guided tour of the house then we sat in the garden and had a damn good natter. My SA kit arrived while she was here and we oohed and ahhed over the lovely paper in there - but only one piece of ribbon? We were shocked.
I made the mistake of doing some digging on Wednesday morning. I had some plants that really needed planting, but as usual I went hell for leather at it and ended up red faced, boiling hot and dripping so much I hardly needed to water in the new plants. Ok so you didn't really need or want to hear that. Found out just how useful and refreshing a downstairs shower can be though. Two days later and I'm still aching like mad which is a good enough excuse not to do any more digging I suppose.
Crafty wise, I still have the same batch of cards to make for an order that I had 2 weeks ago - I really need a good kicking to get them done, don't I?
I'm involved with a Circle Journal thing at the moment - the first time any of those involved have tried one of these and although I was really really worried about joining in, I must say I'm loving it. I can't go into any more detail because we're trying to keep our pages secret until the journals get back to their owners, but I can say it's great fun - a real challenge, sometimes very scary, but such a change from the other stuff I do that I'm already thinking "ooooh I hope we can do this again soon" which is pretty scary to someone as lazy as me.
I've got jewellery to make, sewing to do and loads of other stuff, but that flippin' CJ is just mesmerizing...

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Jane said...

Hiya Kathy, I have been reading - but haven't been able to comment as blogger seems to have had probs !sorry about the hayfever-DH used to get it at this time of year in the UK too- now he gets it in October instead !