Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday Waffle

Well this blog is called Kathy's Waffle and waffle is what I'm going to do - in the absence of having anything more interesting to write.
New Blogmates Challenge?
You know when you're listening to the radio and one of those songs comes on - the sort that makes your shoulders relax, a smile come on your face and you just go aaaaaaaahhhhhhh? Well which ones are your aaaaaaaahhhhhhh songs? I'll probably end up coming back to update this list many times but here are seven to start with. Perfect Day - Lou Reed More Than Words - Extreme Fix You - Coldplay Woman - John Lennon Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton Mary - Scissor Sisters Always - Bon Jovi So, put your list on your blog and pass the challenge on then please come and let me know you've joined in with my little game so that I can go and see which are your aahhhh tunes.
New Crafty Challenge
A new card template challenge will be launched today. Kate has made this one, but as it's not been announced yet you'll have to wait to see it - so if you thought coming here would give you a sneaky peek, guess what? You were wrong! However, I've not only seen it, but also have had the chance to play, and so far made THREE cards using the new template nah, nahnenahnah :-)
In the Garden
There are two huge, overgrown buddleia bushes at the front of the house (among other oversized stuff like an enormaous yucka), I spent yesterday morning armed with my secateurs and big, extendable loppers (oooer mrs), the ladders and the empty garden waste bin trying to bring a measure of control to bear. Well the bin is now stuffed to the top, and whilst I can see the bushes are a bit better no-one else will know. I wonder how many fortnight's worth of garden bins it will take to sort this out. And as for the yucka - well I don't actually know where to start with that. Ideas on a postcard, or in the comments bit here, please.
Family Stuff
It was nephew Dan's 6th birthday yesterday. We couldn't get over to see him so we'll pop over there today. Seems only five minutes since we were visiting him just after he'd been brought home from the hospital, a tiny redheaded bundle of babydom. I found an old school photo of his dad at the same age the other week and boy was it scary to see how much Dan is like his dad. The strange thing is, we all thought Charlie was like his dad until Dan came along....
One of the cards I made with the new template is going to be for BIL. I always struggle with bloke cards so getting this done when his birthday isn't till the end of July - well, how smug do i feel? And if you thought I'd fall into the trap of showing it here, well you're wrong again. Later later... ;-)

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