Saturday, June 10, 2006


Hubby and my Cuz have worked so hard today, clearling the loft ready for the new insulation. Not the best of days to be in a loft, it's been baking hot all day, but at least it's ll ready for the work to be done on Thursday. You wouldn't believe how filthy everything was, thank goodness we had the foressight to cover the landing, stairs and hall with dustsheets. They had to make two trips to the dump - this is all other people's rubbish that has just been left up there, how can people not clear their houses properly when they move on? grrrrr.

I managed to keep out of the way of the really dirty work and stuck to the clearing up and providing plenty of food and cold drinks for two mucky, hot, hungry and thirsty men. Having the two showers working now proved very useful today!

I thought I'd post the latest card template challenge on here too, just in case any non-forum people stumble across my blog and want to play!

And here are the cards I've made so far using the template

I'm not a great football fan, but thought Father's Day and the World Cup could come trogether pretty well with this template!


Kel said...

Kathy, that 'England' style card is great! Would it be ok to pinch the idea for my Dad's card pretty please? I'm very low on inspiration and time at the moment! Glad you got the loft cleared - ours is the same, so can I please borrow your DH and Cuz to come and clear it? ;-)

Kel said...

I've done one now Missus! Thanks for the inspiration x