Thursday, June 01, 2006

Castlemania 2

One of my favourite photos of Lindisfarne Castle. We were in Northumberland because Hubby had been working for Enron and when that all went Pear-Shaped we found ourselves with some spare time! It was nearly Christmas so not much around in the way of a new contract so off we went for a little extra holiday! We were so lucky with the weather that week - it was freezing cold every day, but the sun shone all the time and the light was just amazing. This photo was taken just as the sun was starting to go down and we were about to get back in the car for the drive back across the causeway.

Prudhoe Castle dominates the little town. There's a fantastic approach to the castle through various stone arches before you reach the castle precinct.

On the right is Etal Castle, not a great picture but it's all I could find without going through the photo boxes. Etal itself is a picture postcard pretty village worth a visit if you're ever in the vicinity

Alnwick Castle - is it the most famous of the Northumbrian castles? It appears in the Harry Potter films and probably loads of other films and TV stuff too for all I know.

What I DO know is that we've failed miserably every time we've tried to get in there for one reason or another, so it's still on the "to-do" list.

Belsay (pron Bel-sa) is a lovely castle in the grounds of Belsay Hall - a wonderful place to visit, with fantastic gardens to wander through on the way to the castle. We were there in the Springtime - you can see all the snowdrops in the grass if you look closely.

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